January 23, 2022

Election Do-Over: District 5 Special Election set for September

ballot-boxjpg-83e9335f91dea090(Franklin) — All three candidates will be back on the ballot for a special election for Heard County Commissioner of District 5 which will take place on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Early voting will begin on August 18 at the Heard County Courthouse, while the Franklin and Southwest precincts will both be open on the official special election day September 9.

Incumbent commissioner Sandi Allen and challengers Joe Adams and Yvette Abrahamson will be once again vying for the Republican Primary win after Judge William H. Ison ruled on July 14 in favor of Allen’s challenge to the results of the May 20th primary won in a close race by Adams.

Judge Ison threw out the results after determining mistakes were made by poll workers in giving an incorrect ballot to a single voter on election day morning at the Southwest precinct.

Adams had seemingly avoided a run-off with Allen by just a single vote and had been declared the winner of the election by Heard County Election Superintendent Joseph Bledsoe on May 23.

The only District 5 voters ineligible to vote in the special election will be those that voted in the democratic primary in May.

Those in District 5 that voted Republican or did not vote in the primary at all will be eligible to vote this time around.


  1. District 5 says

    Very interesting. Looks like Sandi could swing a lot of votes her way because there was really nothing for democrats to vote for the first time around. Since they did not vote they can pick up a republican ballot and vote for her in this special election. I hate to say it, but it looks like the only way Joe can win is if people forget to vote and all the political signs stay gone like they are now. Can not wait to see how this one goes!

    • However this turns out Sandy cant blame this on Boone. Or his willingness to make decisions . I hope she has learned a little respect for someone that polls well through the county. Not just the 9 or 10 friends she can draw from one little corner of it. You can catch a lot more flies with sugar than vinegar.

    • Sheila morton says

      I hope sandi does not win!!!! Let’s all vote for joe!!!

  2. And the bickering and backbiting begin. Fairness and franchisement were protected in this decision. Our rights within government frameworks supersedes politics. The downside is the cost of the special election during these economic times, which could have been avoided with a simple phone call.

  3. Not associated with the heard citizen says

    Well said SG. All this could have been avoided with a phone call and now the first thing you hear his how one candidate will benefit over the other. Never mind the the “right” thing is always the easiest.

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