September 23, 2021

Election Results: President Trump takes nearly 84% of the votes in Heard County

(Franklin, GA) — Heard County voters spoke out in a big way for President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s General Election as the incumbent U.S. President took 83.80% of the votes followed by Democratic Candidate Joe Biden who claimed just 15.27% of the tally.

(Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Third party Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson received just 50 votes in the county or 0.93% of the votes.

Nationwide, a winner remains undeclared in the Presidential race as several states including Georgia have yet to project an official winner.

Heard voters also strongly backed incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue with 82.84% of the votes going his way as opposed to Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff who received 15.04%.

In the special election for U.S. Senator, incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler received 48.47% of the votes over second place vote getter Doug Collins who received 28.88%.

Statewide, Collins conceded Tuesday night to Loeffler in the Georgia special election race, which will head to a runoff contest at the beginning of next year.

The special election is heading to a Jan. 5 runoff because no contender received a share of votes exceeding 50 percent. The two-way race will pit Loeffler, the appointed incumbent, against Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Local voters also strongly backed incumbent Republican candidates Jason Shaw (Public Service Commission District 1 — 82.90%), Lauren Bubba McDonald, Jr. (Public Service Commission Distirct 4 — 82.69%), Drew Ferguson (U.S. House District 3 – 85.76%), and Randy Nix (State House District 69 — 85.70%).

All local candidates on the ballot won without Democratic opposition.

5,408 of Heard County’s 7762 eligible voters cast votes in the election for a high turnout of 69.67%.

Click here to see full Heard County election results at the Georgia Secretary of State’s website

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