April 23, 2021

Elections Office announces arrangements for releasing of Election Results

(Franklin, GA) — The General Primary will be held June 9, 2020.

Normally those interested gather at the Courthouse to await the results from the election.

Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry has informed the Elections Office that the upper floor of the Courthouse will not be open for visitors on Election Night.

Furthermore, the number of people allowed in the bottom floor where the Elections Office is located will be limited to Elections Officials and Official Poll Watchers.

Those wishing to gather in Franklin to find out the results will be allowed to congregate outside of the Elections Office that evening. Everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing while waiting.

A representative from the Board of Elections and Registration will announce the results as they come in.

Please note that no results will be announced until they are first reported to the Secretary of State.

Everyone is encouraged to monitor elections results online.

The Secretary of State will have a website available to view results from around the state.

The site will have a link that will take you to the results from Heard County.

To access this site, go to www.sos.ga.gov on Election Night.

Early voting at the Heard County Courthouse ends tomorrow (June 5) at 5:00 PM.

There is NO early voting on the Monday immediately prior to any election.

Early Voting is conducted during regular business hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM) in the Elections and Registration Office (located in the Heard County Courthouse) at 215 E Court Square.

During Early Voting, the office remains open during lunch.

To vote early, all that is required is the voter must be registered in Heard County, and must present one of the appropriate forms of ID. You do not have to have a reason to vote early.

If a voter’s name does not appear on the list of voters, or if the voter does not present one of the appropriate forms of ID, a provisional ballot may be cast by the voter.

Live election night coverage and results will be available at The Heard Citizen Facebook Page beginning Tuesday night at 7:00 PM. Be sure to give the page a “like” to receive regular updates on all Heard County news and events.


  1. James Perry says

    Please vote. It is your right and the only way to make your voice heard for the political world. Vote for the candidate of your choice and support them if elected. If they do not get elected, do not stop being an active part of your local government. The local races are the most important because they influence each of us in Heard County. Regardless of who wins these positions, accept it and support them please.

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