January 23, 2022

Ephesus Elementary Pumpkin Winners

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(Ephesus) — The 2014 Book Character Pumpkin Contest was held recently at Ephesus Elementary School.

There were lots of great entries this year and the judges had a difficult time making a decision.

The winners were: 1st Place—Matthew Cheney—Pre-Kindergarten, 2nd Place—Lilly Carroll—Kindergarten, 3rd Place—Lillie Oaks—Kindergarten (Not Pictured),1st Place—Lila Harrod—Second Grade, 1st Place—Kylie Nichol—First Grade, 2nd Place—Colton Blacquiere—First Grade, 3rd Place—Lilly Yates—First Grade, 1st Place—Christian Hull—Fourth Grade, 2nd Place—Maddie Carroll—Fourth Grade, 3rd Place—Lily Barr—Fifth Grade, and Honorable Mention—Luke Bennett—Fifth Grade.

Congratulations to all the winners on a job well done!

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