May 23, 2018

Ephesus Elementary School Election Day

Each student was busy in the election process Tuesday, November 6th in the Vivian and Lonnie Rogers Media Center.

Students in grades kindergarten through third grade voted for their favorite book Mrs. Stephanie had read to them.

The winner was Mr. President Goes to School. Students in fourth and fifth grades ran for Class President and were involved in making posters, giving speeches, and debating!

We are happy to announce that Seth Flemming was elected Class President of 4th grade and Jake Harrod was elected Class President of 5th grade.  Congratulations to these fine young leaders!


  1. Catherine A. Flemming says:

    Congratulations Seth!!! We are very proud of you on your accomplishment of making President of your class. You work very hard and do a Great job! Love from your Grandparents in Logan, Ohio. GO BUCKS!!!!!!

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