December 5, 2020

Fall Soccer at Glenloch Baptist Church

soccer-clip-art-ycodpB7cE(Glenloch) — We are really excited to be kicking off Glenloch Soccer this Fall at GBC!

We are starting Glenloch Soccer in an attempt to lower the participation cost for each student. While the cost will be going down , you can expect to see much of what you have seen over recent years at GBC.

  • Devotions at your weekly practice
  • Games on Saturdays
  • Gospel centrality
  • Missional focus

It is $20 per child to play this fall. Each participant will receive a t-shirt / jersey, a poster, and stickers for their memorization verse each week. If you would like to order shorts or socks, a link will be provided on our web site to connect you with great option through Amazon, but feel free to shop wherever you would like.

We are looking forward to a great season!

Evaluations will be held Monday, August 18-19 from 6-8 at Glenloch Baptist Church. There will be signage to point you toward the fields where evaluations will be held. You can sign up for Glenloch Soccer the night of evaluations at the field.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at



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