February 21, 2019

Father charged in deaths of twin toddlers left in hot car

(Carrollton/Fox 5 News) — A Carrollton man faces criminal charges in connection with the deaths of his twin 15-month-old toddlers who were left in a hot car Thursday afternoon, police said.

Asa North (Photo: Fox 5 News)

Asa North (Photo: Fox 5 News)

Asa North, 24, is charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless conduct. Police said they did not believe the deaths were intentional.

Carrollton Police responded to a 911 call along Tillman Drive about two toddlers who were found unresponsive Thursday.

Police said they witnessed their father frantically trying to cool the little girls down in a kiddie pool.

Neighbors told police they brought ice packs to put in the pool to help.

The girls, identified as Ariel North and Alaynah North, were taken to Tanner Medical Center, where they were pronounced dead.


  1. God bless those little ones. Give comfort to all who are grieving their loss! This makes me so sad and heartsick.

  2. The State simply must put mandatory questions about Heat related illnesses on the Driver license test. Or have the applicant sit in a car heated to about 130 degrees for a couple of hours …

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