December 5, 2020

Father’s Day: What makes up a Daddy

[jessica]I have very good close relationships with my mom and dad, but I am still definitely a “daddy’s girl”!!

I think girls need their moms forever, no matter how old we are, but I also think there is a special place in a girl’s heart for her daddy that no one but him can fill.

Everyone has a dad, but I believe there are a few extra special qualities that make up a daddy.

I’d like to share some of those things with you, and they are of course just my opinion.

The things most dads teach their children are very important, don’t get me wrong, but I think some dads go a little farther and truly embrace the title of Daddy.

And also I am a bit biased considering the 2 best daddy’s in the whole wide world are right here in my life…my daddy and my hubby! =)

Thank you to my daddy for raising me to love God, for always being there for me, for always loving me and my husband and children, for always putting other’s needs before your own, and for your constant honesty. I am so proud to call you my Daddy!!!

And thank you to my husband Jonathan for being the kind of daddy I always dreamed and prayed my children would have, to see how much you love our children and how much they adore you makes me fall in love with you even more than I already am! I could not ask for more!!!


What makes up a Daddy…

A dad will cut the umbilical cord,
A daddy will admit he has never been so nervous to use a pair of scissors.


A dad will feed and change a baby,
A daddy will notice if his baby’s poop color seems off and notify mom right away!


A dad will carry his child and give them piggyback rides,
A daddy, when asked, will assure his little girl she will never be too big for him to lift.


A dad will hold his child’s hand,
A daddy will make sure his children see him holding their mother’s hand.


A dad will kiss his child,
A daddy will kiss a sticky, snot covered child.


A dad will cover a boo-boo with a band-aid,
A daddy knows that kissing the injury is actually the most important part.


A dad will read to his children,
A daddy will change his voice tone even for the female characters.


A dad will tuck his kids into bed,
A daddy will stand at the door and exchange I love you’s until the child is satisfied.


A dad will play with his boys and teach them to protect themselves,
A daddy will teach his boys that you never hit a girl and you always speak politely when in the presence of a lady.


A dad will treat his daughter like a princess,
A daddy will teach his daughter as she becomes older that she must be behave in such a way to protect this title


A dad will teach his children the value of money and how to be responsible with it,
A daddy will also remind his children that money can’t buy happiness.


A dad will provide for his family,
A daddy will make whatever house his family lives in a home.


A dad will teach his children that everyone makes mistakes,
A daddy will help his children learn from those mistakes.


A dad will let their child know if he is disappointed in them,
A daddy will tell his child that even when he doesn’t love their actions he will ALWAYS love them.


A dad will teach his children to stand up for their beliefs,
A daddy will teach his children how to do this without judging others.


A dad will comfort his teenage daughter when she has her first break up,
A daddy will remind her that no one will love her like he does but someday she will find her prince.


A dad will walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day,
A daddy will remind her that she must always protect her husband’s heart, respect him, forgive him, and love him forever.


A dad will teach his son how to ask a girl on a date,
A daddy will tell his son the story of when he asked his mom out for the first time.


A dad will dance with his daughters and teach his sons to dance,
A daddy will turn a slow song on, grab their mother, and show them how it’s done!


A dad will teach his kids about pride,
A daddy will explain that too much of this is considered arrogance, which is not a pleasant quality.


A dad stands tall and has control of his family and leads them through whatever life may bring,
A daddy will fall to his knees with his family and pray to our Heavenly Father in times of need and thankfulness.


A dad raises his child to be a competent adult,
A daddy is there for his children until the day he dies.




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