May 15, 2021

Fire Safety and Prevention Show at HES

HCES Fire Safety Assembly(Franklin) — On Thursday, October 22, 2015 students at Heard County Elementary School participated in a Fire Safety and Prevention Show.

The students learned about home safety, dangers of fireworks, avoiding house fires, and much more.

The program was presented by a joint effort of the Heard County Fire Department, Carroll County Fire Department, and Haralson County Fire Department.

Participants at the event included from Heard County: Chief Steve Wirth, Chief Jim Short, Chief Phillip Spradlin, Capt. Brant Steen, Lt. Nikki Culpepper, Lt. Bobby Craig, Lt. Corey Coker, Eric Camp, Alan Rayburn, Tim DuBose, Richard Mounts, and Karen Sullivan.

From Carroll County Chief Scott Blue attended and from Haralson County Robert Bell, Bo Slay, Mike Cummings, and Brandon Flemming took part.



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