August 1, 2021

Florida man speaks out on behavior of Heard County athletes

On the weekend of March 3, 2012 I had an occasion that took me to Holiday Inn Express in Thomasville, GA. My son-in-law is a coach at Thomasville High School and he was involved in the weight-lifting tournament for the state.

Oddly enough, your group of lifters from Heard County High School happened to be staying at the same motel.

I just wanted to share with you that the young men there for the sporting event were some of the nicest, most polite young men I have ever encountered.

Upon arrival the motel desk clerk told me they were there for a basketball tournament and having my 6-foot and 5-inch grandson with me I thought that was very interesting.

Upon meeting the first young man I asked him where they were from and he informed me they were from Heard County and actually were there for the weightlifting meet.

Later I talked with several of the young men and they represented your school in an outstanding way. I told one of the young men I was going to be praying for him the next day at the tournament and my son-in-law informed me he won his weight division.

He was the young man with the  tattoo on his back left shoulder (Tyler Wynn). My 16-year-old grandson joined the boys in the sauna and some swimming in the heated pool and he concurred how nice the boys were.

We had planned to go to the tournament, but when tornado warnings were issued we found our job was to help take care of our other three grandsons and find something for them to do instead.

I met Brave coaches Rich Fendley, Tim Barron, and Brian Hadley, but talked at length with one of the young men, I think Rich but if I have the name wrong I am sorry.

I really felt impressed and thought that the school should be recognized not only as the second best team in the State of Georgia, but as an outstanding representation of Heard County as well as their high school.


Gary Folds-Belle Glade, FL


  1. Wow, what some great feed back..

  2. Tracey Hunt says

    So glad to know the boys were representing Heard County as they should 🙂 I’m a proud Mom and I claim more of those boys than the one I gave birth to! I am proud of them for their awesome behavior as well as their awesomeness at the weight meet. I would like to thank the gentleman for writing to let us know about our boys, it’s not often that someone takes the time out of their day to send a complement to strangers who live across the state. I hope that everyone who reads this remembers the next time they are in a public place that others are taking notice of your actions…good or bad. Proud of all my boys!

  3. Heard County is very fortunate to have great kids and great coaches for mentors. Way to go guys!

  4. Sarah Almond says

    This is the NEWS we love to read about! Cudos to our boys! Keep it up!

  5. Such a wonderful testiment for our HC students. Thank you to the gentlemen that sent the message… we love hearing how our kids represent HC. I always encounter amazing behavior, respect, and overall great manners from the kids @ HC. Very proud of those boys and HC kids, but I would like to thank their parents as well…those parents have taught their kids to behave in such a manner…. GREAT job to everyone!

  6. Brooke Wynn says

    AWESOME STORY! I think its amazing for someone to go out of their way for some young men he has never met before. I am proud that the manners that we teach are children are used away from home. Thats speaks volumes. Great Job Guys 🙂

  7. Angie Mock says

    My son was also one the boys that attended the trip. I have been with the school system for 28 years, and I can say that people have always had wonderful things to say on the behavior of our students. We have some of the greatest students in the state of Ga, and we are very proud of them. Keep up the good work!! GO BRAVES

  8. I am so proud of this bunch of boys, they make me proud to say that I am a part of the HC schools system and have had the pleasure of seeing most of them go from “sweet” little PreK boys to outstanding young men. We always hear about all the bad things kids do,this just shows we do still have great kids. Let’s all stand up and give these boys,their parents and coaches the praise they deserve.
    Cutine Barber

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