February 27, 2021

Former Brave named head baseball coach at Pepperell

(Lindale, GA) — A former Heard County Brave was recently named as the new head varsity baseball coach at Pepperell High School.

Chad Brown, a 2005 graduate of HCHS will take over the reigns for the Dragons following several years at Bowdon where he was assistant varsity baseball coach while heading also heading up the middle school softball program.

Brown is married to another HCHS graduate Erica (Class of 2011) and they have two daughters (Madilan, age 5 and Lane, age 1) and a third little boy (Maddux) due to arrive in the family next month.

Brown counts his wife as his top supporter and she will also be moving to the Pepperell school system where she will be teaching third grade.

“Erica is just as big of a part of this as I am. She’s not just playing single parent, she’s involved. If anyone came to any of the middle school softball games the past three years, that’s been her running all the announcements, pregame, and in-game music. She was also the voice for the Bowdon High baseball team last year. She’s supported me in this endeavor since day one,” says Brown.

Pepperell head baseball coach Chad Brown with (L-R) his wife Erica and daughters Lane and Madilan

Brown, also a University of West Georgia alum, was an outstanding four year starter at second base and shortstop for the Braves baseball team in high school and also played football.

He was part of the first Brave teams to compete in Class AA in 2004.

The former Brave is excited to be a part of such a storied baseball program.

“We’re as pumped as we can be to join the Dragon community at Pepperell. Just looking back at the history and tradition, you’re talking about a baseball program that’s won eight state titles and 17 region titles,” says Brown.

“Very excited about the opportunity to tack onto that kind of legacy. Now that we have started getting integrated at Pepperell and meeting people, we’re just as excited about the support system. There’s a lot of pride up here. This whole town was built on a textile mill and baseball.”

Brown says he has several people to thank for inspiring and motivating him through the years.

“There’s a large number of people that have played a part in shaping me. Playing football for Tim Barron continues to impact the man and coach I am, and strive to be. Right now, I can pick up the phone and call Coach Barron and he’d say something that motivated me. I got to spend eight years on a baseball diamond with Todd Eubanks, as both a coach and a player. I’m part of a select few that’s had that opportunity. Jeremiah Yates is another guy I spent a lot of time with that I greatly value. I would think that he and Shane Lasseter both are people I draw qualities from and they probably don’t even realize it,” says Brown.

“I also can’t replace the past year at BHS with Brian Vance. We learned a lot from each other about the game, but I’m a better man, husband, and father because of that time with him. Rich Fendley also does an incredible job with motivation from players to staff. I hope to create that kind of drive in people. A network of great coaches is a solid tool for any coach. On any given night I’m able to exchange ideas and bounce stuff off of coaches like Vance, Trent Bianco at Heard  and Stephen Mitchell.”

With Brown coaching at a Class AA school the possibility always exists of meeting his alma mater head-to-head on the field, but in his first season he will have the chance to coach in Franklin when the Dragons travel to face the Braves in an early regular season match-up. He is excited about the early opportunity to face the Braves.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to return to Alford Field next spring. Obviously, that’s a cool experience for me, but I also know what kind of program Coach Bianco operates,” added Brown. “Playing one of the top teams in AA, knowing they value the little things and do them right, will challenge us right out of the gate. Great opportunity to let us know where we are and where we need to be.”

The Brave head coach says he is not surprised that Brown landed the Dragon job and thinks he will excel in the role as head coach.

“You could see it early with Chad especially when he was at Bowdon. He is one of the most prepared guys that you will run across and a very hard worker,” says Bianco. “It’s obviously going to be a cool thing for him to come back here and coach, but I put them on the schedule because I know they are going to be good and well-prepared which is just going to make our guys better. That is a testament to what I think Chad is going to do for that program. I think he is going to do really great things at Pepperell.”

Brown and the Dragons will visit Alford Field to play the Braves on February 11, 2020 at 5:30 PM.

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