November 28, 2020

FPD visits Centralhatchee Elementary

Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah and Officer Nikki Chapman with CES students during a recent visit to the school

Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah and Officer Nikki Chapman with CES students during a recent visit to the school

(Centralhatchee) — Chief Kevin Hannah and Officer Nikki Chapman of the Franklin Police Department recently visited Mrs. Debra Holland and Mrs. Becky Miller’s kindergarten students at Centralhatchee Elementary School, where an array of topics were discussed.

Included in those topics were the many duties of law enforcement officers, being respectful to adults and classmates, and safety restraint usage.

Students were also educated about drug awareness. This was accomplished by providing examples of prescription medication and over the counter drugs, while explaining that most homes have one or both present for various types of illnesses.

The students were informed of the importance of these drugs and that they should never be taken without an adult administering the dosage.

Several other safety topics were discussed during this fun, yet educational visit.

“I would like to thank the Centralhatchee Elementary School staff and students for allowing us to visit and share these important topics. With the holiday season not far away, this visit also allowed us to speak with the students about ‘good stranger – bad stranger’ encounters,” said Chief Hannah.

“This topic is always one that we spend extra time with and place a strong emphasis on remaining with an adult at all times to avoid becoming separated. It is never too early to instill these extremely important topics in the youth. I believe by talking with our children at home and by our teachers and law enforcement officers repeating this to the children, they will remember what to do in an emergency situation.”

Officer Chapman added, “Although we have many jobs in our particular line of work, teaching and informing young students about the risks associated with our daily lives on a level that keeps them engaged and curious is one of the most rewarding parts. Being able to interact with the students at this age also helps us to show them that we, as law enforcement officers, are always on their side and want to see them excel in every aspect of their lives.”

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