November 28, 2020

Franklin City Council Meeting (02/02/17)

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin met in regular session Thursday, February 2, 2017 at city hall at 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Rogers began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Mayor Rogers gave the invocation and Councilman Almond led the pledge to the flag.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Joel Rogers, City Clerk Karen Boyd, Council members Cynthia Putzek, Willie Almond, Kevin Hayes, Alane Bradfield, Cliff Jiles and City Attorney David Mecklin.

City Clerk Karen Boyd gave the finance report stating that all accounts have been balanced and reconciled to the bank.

Revenues in the city exceeded expenditures for the month by approximately $15,683.00. 2016 closed with expenditures exceeding revenues by approximately $38,416.00. This was primarily due to sales tax revenue. It was down by approximately $27,357.00 from the year before.

Sales tax revenue increased by about $14,982.00 from last month. They were up by approximately $4171.00 from last January. Total sales tax revenue from 2016 was $434,128.00. Past due notices have been mailed out for business licenses that have not been renewed.

City Attorney David Mecklin spoke to the city council on possibly considering having an occupancy tax to generate revenue for the city.

Mecklin also suggested that an ordinance also be in place for adult entertainment and massage parlor. Not to encourage it but to have a plan in place to control it if it ever came into play. He asked the council to consider the matter.

Mecklin is working with the county to approve enacting an excise tax on manufacturing to generate much-needed funds from the decrease in sales tax revenues.

Mecklin continues working with Riverwalk Mobile Home Park landowners, mobile home owners, county and city officials to improve the maintenance and condition of the property.

Councilman Cliff Jiles spoke about his frustration with not being able to get anything done in the past three years with the mobile home park.

Mecklin informed the council members the delay is the county not wanting to release mobile homes for back property taxes owed. The previous owner has been to court twice and fined. The new owners can’t remove the mobile homes unless the county releases them. Mecklin said his actions have been to settle the matter without filing a lawsuit and keep the cost down for the City.

Councilman Cynthia Putzek suggested a meeting with Heard County Tax Commissioner. Councilman Jiles suggested the city have a meeting with the County Commissioners.

Mecklin read the amendments made to four of the city ordinances. Chief Hannah suggested some changes that needed to be made to Mecklin prior to the meeting. They included amendments in disorderly conduct ordinance, a nuisance ordinance which included noise update, animal control ordinance update and traffic ordinance which included routing heavy motor trucks with more than six wheels. Council approved the amendments.

The city has been working on a zoning map and still needs a few more changes before it is ready for approval per Mayor Rogers. The council also discussed the striping of parking on the square.

Heard County Public Works Director, Darold Wiggins, spoke to the council with his knowledge on roadwork and gave advice on some of the paving problems being faced with city roads. The meeting was adjourned.

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