June 22, 2018

Franklin City Council swears in new members

(Franklin) — On the evening of January 2, 2014 at 6:00 pm, the City of Franklin convened at City Hall for the regular January meeting. City Clerk Myra Braswell started the meeting off with the swearing in of the mayor and city council members for  the next four-year term.

Incumbent council members Shane Manders (Post 1), Willie Almond, Jr. (Post 2), and Kevin Hayes (Post 3), were each sworn in for their respective seats. Two new faces, however, were sworn in the seats for Posts 4 and 5.  Alane Nelms was sworn in  for Post 4 and Cliff Jiles was sworn in for Post 5. Joel Rogers was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Franklin.

Commission Chairman Lee Boone attended the City Council meeting and addressed the council to congratulate the new members and the mayor. Chairman Boone said he looked forward to working with the City of Franklin and went on to state, “We all share a common goal to work together to make this a better place to live and raise a family.”


Chief Kevin Hannah spoke on the different training sessions that the Police Department would be participating in this year.

Street department supervisor Alan Holcomb addressed the issue of the repairs to the sidewalk by the high school and asked that the council vote on the bids to repair what he had submitted so that repairs could start as soon as possible before someone was injured due to the traffic in the area.

Councilman Hayes asked if a system could be set up where the meeting agendas could be posted to emails  for interested citizens to sign up to recieve them. He stated that he had been approached by some citizens who said they would like to have attended meetings had they known that certain issue were on the agenda to be voted on.

Councilman Manders  said he felt positive energy among the council  and was excited about the upcoming year.  Mayor Rogers stated that he looked forward to working with each member for the next four years. The meeting was then adjourned. (Courtesy of the Times~Journal)


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