December 2, 2020

Franklin City Council votes 4-1 to move City Hall (Video)

(Franklin) – By a 4-1 vote at last Thursday’s regular meeting, the Franklin City Council approved a motion to relocate Franklin City Hall from the town square to the Franklin Community Center at 2484 Franklin Parkway.

No official plans have been drawn up as of yet, but intentions of the council are to remodel the Community Center in order to provide additional space for the City Hall operations. The plan is also expected to add a new banquet room for hosting larger events with an expected capacity in the 300-350 range.

The police department will remain on the square in the building it currently shares with the City Hall administration offices. The project will be paid for out of SPLOST funds voted on by the county several years ago.

Although legally the money could only be spent on the City Hall project, the council struggled for several years before coming to this decision. In  fact, city attorney David Mecklin stated during his department reports that he had recently received a phone call from the bond council concerning the lack of progression on the roughly $500,000 construction plan.

A public hearing will be held at the next regular  meeting on May 2, 2013 in order to gather the public’s input on the proposed project before any contracts are signed or any official plans are drawn up.

Franklin City Council Meeting (04/04/13) from on Vimeo.

The city hall project was not on the scheduled agenda for Thursday’s meeting but was motioned to be added by Councilman Shane Manders and approved unanimously during agenda amendments by the council.

Along with the motion by Manders and a second by Jimmy Hamil, Joel Rogers and Johnny Adams also voted in favor of the proposal.

The only dissenting vote came from the longest serving councilman, Bo Almond, who argued that voting to spend the money now was akin to “political suicide” during this election year.

Almond added that he thought the council should not make such a large expenditure without a permanent Mayor in place. He also added that several citizens had expressed disapproval to him about moving city hall away from the town square.

Manders stated that Attorney Mecklin could explain to those citizens with financial concerns at the public hearing in May that the money is earmarked and legally has to be spent on the city hall project one way or another.

In other business, the council voted to purchase a new computer server for the police department/city hall through Hayes Computer Services. The Hayes bid was the low bid at $3299.95 coming in well under a bid of $4983.00 by Synergistic Software,Inc. of Villa Rica.

The council also approved the purchase of two new Alco-Sensors ($450 each) for the police department to be paid for out of the drug fund.

See the above video to view the entire meeting filmed by Khris Martin.


  1. Moving City Hall won’t fix the problems the City has. A new location with the same people will give your the SAME results. Just like Almond to be thinking like a politician, worried about getting votes instead of representing the residents. I think he’s right about not moving City Hall but not for the reason he’s giving….it might affect his bid for re-election. Pathetic! Sounds like he plans to make a bid for the Mayor’s position in the next election. Sounds to me like they are having to make a snap decision because they been dragging their feet in doing something with it. NEVER a good idea to put yourself in a postion to be FORCED to spend tax payer money. The only one making any sense is Manders BUT since he is tied up with the new restaurant getting their beer licenses, he might has plans of his own. We will see…or not if it’s covered up. Good old boys!

  2. I’m with you LOL, I am sure they could change where they spend the money, it seems these politicians have no trouble spending someones else’s money. Do I hear buddy system, kickbacks. I am sure if they move the City Hall over there and remodel the community center they will brag to the people how nice it is and what a good deal they got and probably go up on the rent for people to use it. I am glad I don’t live in the city of Franklin!

  3. I say kudos to Shane and the councilmen who voted for the beer license for Loco Rio! Nice to have a great place to enjoy a meal. Also very nice to have all the jobs that came with it. It’s been great for the community. This would probably have not happened if the former mayor would have still been in office. He doesn’t approve of having a beer or glass of wine so why should anyone else have one?

    • Good redirection on the topic there Reality. Let’s talk about someone who doesn’t matter. Who cares what the FORMER Mayor feels? The former Mayor can feel however he wants about alcohol, that don’t affect me or you and if he don’t like drinking he don’t have to come around. I happen to agree that we don’t need it in our community but it’s here now. But I’m glad to know Reality that you don’t mind underhanded, backdoor deals that get people what they want. You should run for office, you’d fit right in.
      I assume you think our currently suspended Mayor is a better fit for your vision of city government? Right?

  4. LOL, maybe you should reread your first comment, you’re the one that mentioned the beer license. I know you think you have got me figured out by reading one comment but actually I think the former mayor was a lot better mayor than the suspended one although if you don’t go along with him he gets upset. I myself have the ability to keep an opened mind and listen to others. I bet you probably will not go to the new restaurant out of spite but you probably don’t mind going to locations in Newnan, LaGrange, or Carrollton that serve alcohol. At the same time you’re probably the kind of guy that preaches supporting the local business that supports the community. I know I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, sorry.
    PS: You are sure getting defensive. Sounds a lot like the former mayor, LOL!

  5. Your assumption that I’m a “guy” is as far from Reality as it gets. Defending people who use political office for their personal gain as you seem to do shows your lack of Reality as well. This wouldn’t be acceptable to you or anyone else if it was something you disagreed with but since it involves getting drunk, its okay for our community leaders to bend the rules a little. What’s the harm right? Where do you draw the line of how much corruption you would allow? Is the standard that as long as it benefits the community in YOUR eyes, it doesn’t matter if its ethical or against the law? If so, then it might not be a good idea if you ran for office as I mentioned before.

  6. The city council did not have to vote on the beer licenses! Your current mayor Mr. Adams put that on the agenda …the owners of the restaurant(Rogers brothers)met all the requirements they needed to and got their licenses …the city changed the “good ole boy” system and replaced it with a fair and transparent system for getting licenses! The process of getting a license before was to beg the city council for one and they could say yes or no depending who you were what the color of your skin was or if you had the “right” last name or just say no for no reason at all!!! How crazy is that??? Kudos to them for changing the way things have been done here forever! Change is coming people like it or not!

  7. Thanks for enlightening me Change! Sounds like all the underhanded stuff was possibly going on before the council changed the “good ole boy system”.


    1) If you have proof of corruption then please let us know? I’m sure the Heard Citizen would be glad to do a story if you have some sound evidence. They seem fair with their reporting unlike the Franklin News Break. It’s in the public interest to have an open government and expose such things if true.
    2) Do you think everyone that has a beer or glass of wine are drunks? I have the occasional beer or glass of wine and I’m in excellent health and successful. Shocking right? Just like everything in life moderation is the key but people have a right to choose for themselves instead of having people like you control them with your perceived righteous authority. Thinking like that is not much different than what happens in the Middle East.
    3) What laws have been broken?
    4) Run for office? Not anytime soon. I’ve served my country so I’m content currently but maybe later in life. Maybe the City will get a reasonable minded mayor elected and I’m quite happy with the job Lee Boone is doing for the county so far.

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