March 5, 2021

Franklin Housing Authority Yard of the Month

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(Franklin, GA) — Franklin Housing Authority awarded the August, 2018 Yard of the Month prize to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Summers last week.

Mr. Summers has used his vast creativity to transform both their yard and building into a bird sanctuary using repurposed items.

Standing in their yard, one can hear the whirring of wings of hundreds of hummingbirds.

Mr. Summers has made numerous birdfeeders out of recycled plastic bottles and has decorated them in patriotic colors.

He has created a lighthouse village on his front porch, made of assembled and painted clay pots.

The Summers place lights and decorations in their yard for each and every holiday.

Often, they decorate for their neighbors that are unable to get out and do so.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Summers for beautifying the neighborhood!

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