December 5, 2020

Franklin man threatens Carroll County office workers

(Carrollton, GA) — A report by the Carrollton police indicates a Franklin man called a government office in Carrollton Wednesday and threatened to shoot the staff and then himself.

28-year-old Dwight Strickland of Franklin later told police he was “just talking” because he was angry over having to go to the Child Support Recovery Office to pay $317.

Strickland was charged with terroristic threats and was taken to the Carroll County Jail according to a report by Erin McSwain-Davis of the Times-Georgian.

The Child Support Recovery call center on North Park Street reported the incident to police Wednesday morning after a man called around 10 a.m. and allegedly made the threats. Strickland was told the call was being recorded.

Child Support Recovery is a part of the Division of Child Support Services.

Police later arrived at the office and were able to listen to the recorded conversation confirming that Strickland did say that he would come to the office and shoot staff.

As police were on the scene, Strickland showed up at the office, and was escorted out by the authorities. He told police that he received a letter in the mail that said he had to be at the Child Support Recovery Office between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Wednesday and if he failed to bring $317 with him, legal action could be taken.

Strickland told police that he was frustrated because he had already paid the money and had to leave his job for the appointment.

Strickland admitted to police that he said he would come to the office and shoot staff and then himself, but said that he was “just talking” and had no real intent to do so.

Prior to his arrest, Strickland was patted down for weapons and his truck was searched with his consent, and no weapons were found.

Erin McSwain-Davis and the Times-Georgian contributed to this report.


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