September 25, 2021

Franklin police cracking down on noisy vehicles

(Franklin, GA) — According to a statement from Chief Kevin Hannah, the Franklin Police Department will immediately begin a zero-tolerance enforcement program to reduce the excessive noise being caused by vehicle radios and exhaust, after receiving complaints from citizens, business owners, and government officials.

In November of 2015, a news release was issued warning teen motorists to slow down, after concerns of excessive speeding through the high school and business parking lots, including on the highways.

obs-big-tip (1)At that same time, Franklin Police advised of a list of other concern involving excessive volume from radios and exhaust, damage to private and public property, and complaints from businesses and their customers of profanity being used as teenagers gathered in the parking lots to hang out.

“With the assistance of local media and announcements being made at the high school, this issue seemed to drastically reduce for a period of time,” said Chief Hannah in the statement.

“With spring in the air and summer break just around the corner, these issues seem to be increasing once again. Over the past several weeks’ officers have issued warnings regarding excessive volume from vehicle radios, but unfortunately these warnings have been ignored, forcing officers to begin issuing citations in an attempt to restore peace.”

Beyond noise complaints from vehicle radios, the Franklin Police Department has received a large amount of complaints regarding vehicles with extremely loud exhausts, resulting in frustration for some people within the community.

“It is unfortunate that the actions of a few people are causing a bad name for many teenagers within our community. I personally know that we have a lot of great teenagers at Heard High School and I ask that you ‘police your own,’ by encouraging the few that are causing a bad reputation to stop disrespecting citizens and visitors of our community,” stated Chief Hannah.

“We have taken drastic steps in asking for respect and compliance, by educating these violators of the law and issuing warnings, but for some this has been ignored.”


  1. If this is the worst the children are doing I would say I am pretty blessed!!! They’re so many worse things my child could be into other than fixing up his truck!!!! People need to get a life!!!

  2. This is what’s wrong with the world find any reason to be a**holes let the kids hang out in parking lots better then out trying to find drugs get a life ! Funny part is he use to do samething but now he wants to stop it typical!!!

  3. Yay I can’t stand rednecks with there b*#ch #ss trucks

  4. It is from my own previous experience, if it has a muffler and comes behind the rear axle there is nothing they can do, at least that is what I was told some years back

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  6. I agree, this has been going on for years. 40 that I know of . Ya’ll don’t want heard county to grow, and give these children something to do around here . then stop complaining. let the kids be kids .
    they grow up to quick as it is. their not hurting you at all. just a way to stop these kids from having a little fun in a boring town. they could be doing worse things though. think about that. before you critize our children .they are pretty good kids afterall .remember you was a kid once too.

  7. I agree , this has been going on for years ,it’s like a family tradition. We all use to do the same thing .Now its our childrens time. Yall don’t this county to grow and give these kids something something to do, then stop complaining . They grow up fast enough as it is, so let them be kids for heaven sakes. our kids are pretty great kids in my opinion they could be doing worse things .think about that. its not hurting anything at all. or did ‘you just get to old to have a little fun.’

  8. Chris Davis says

    I can only sit here in Virginia and laugh reading this… O well somebody will always have something to complain about and the news people will always need something to report… I grew up there driving and have a lot of memories that alot of kids nowdays will not be able to experience… i guess you can say the good old days are going away

    Chris Davis

  9. I grew up in Heard County, I know there is little to entertain teens there, but gripping about the Chief of Police, is simply responding because people are complaining. He is doing his job. When some of these kids decide to drag race and some of them get hurt or killed then it will be the Chief Hannah’s fault everyone will be saying he should have had the city better patrolled.

  10. This part is why also {{damage to private and public property}}.

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