September 23, 2021

Franklin Police Department receives National Award from DAR

(Franklin, GA) — At the December meeting of the Franklin City Council, Franklin Police Department were honored with the DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal.

The DAR Distinguished Citizen Medal is presented to a group of individuals that demonstrate honor, courage, leadership, and patriotism. These individuals have contributed to the defense, security or freedom of a community in an exceptional manner.

Chief Kevin Hannah accepted the medals and certificates on behalf of the officers and staff.

Those honored included Chief Kevin Hannah, Lt. Tino Brooks, Sgt. Tim Rowley, Officer Nikki Chapman, Officer Jennifer Nelms, Officer Jonathon Stewart, Officer Glenn Towler, Officer Gary Morgan, and City Clerk, Karen Boyd.

Chapter Regent, Pamela Lyle, related that we all live in a world that employs the term “hero” far too loosely and that the Franklin Police Department should be recognized collectively for their dedication to service and duty in the community.

Chief Kevin Hannah (L) with Pamela Lyle, Regent, James Stewart Chapter, NSDAR (Photo: Pamela Lyle/DAR)

They demonstrate professionalism under the most trying of circumstances.

They embody patience and show their dedication to their duty as they protect us and serve the community long after their shift had ended.

Attendees at the meeting were reminded that they hide eggs in the spring, can be seen in our schools and churches and they honor our veterans with their presence at ceremonies and other events throughout the year.

Chief Hannah works with these eight officers and support staff to maintain the safety of citizens but also has made a huge impact with their community outreach programs that touch all demographic groups in the county.

These officers also work with School Education Programs, School Safety Summits and Active Shooter Education.

Mayor Hayes also expressed his gratitude to the Franklin Police Department for their service to the city and county.

“The City of Franklin is incredibly grateful for our police department and City Clerk. We recognize their daily contributions to help make our city a safe and welcoming community for both residents and visitors alike. I personally want to thank the DAR for acknowledging our department’s dedication to the community and shining a positive light on their efforts,” said Mayor Hayes.

“We are honored to receive the Distinguished Citizen Medals from members of the James Stewart Chapter, NSDAR, and are thankful for their contributions to the community and active involvement. The Franklin Police Department recently received stuffed animals from the local chapter for the purpose of providing comfort to children that have encountered a traumatic incident. Members of the local chapter have been eager to benefit our community and we are appreciative of their most recent recognition of the Franklin Police Department. In addition, we are fortunate to serve as law enforcement officers in such an amazing and supportive community,” stated Chief Kevin Hannah.

The National Defense Committee was formed in 1926 is one of many committees within the NSDAR. This committee strives to preserve our American heritage of freedom, to protect the US Constitution, and to ensure the survival of our national sovereignty.

Members possess an unwavering faithfulness to the ideals of the Founding Fathers as set forth in the US Constitution.

Membership in the NSDAR is open to all women 18 years and older that can prove direct lineal descent to a patriot or soldier of the American Revolution.

Consider joining today and become a new member for 2021. Email us at to begin your journey.


  1. Rose Marie Thrower says

    A gem of a city and county❤️🌹

  2. James Perry says

    Congratulations to all members of Franklin police department! Job well done!

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