October 21, 2018

Franklin woman accused of pulling knife on Carrollton store employee

Article Courtesy of Erin McSwain/Times-Georgian

(Carrollton, GA) — Carrollton police arrested a Franklin woman who they said pulled a knife on an employee in a Carrollton department store.

Sonya Pope, 41, had warrants for shoplifting at the Belk on South Park Street and pulling a knife on the store’s loss prevention officer in December. She was arrested Tuesday after a stay in the hospital, where police had taken her following the incident last month.

Police were called Dec. 19 to the Belk store in reference to a shoplifting in progress and while en route were told that Pope had pulled a knife on the store employee and took off running on foot.

When officers arrived, they were told that Pope had run toward Publix and had jumped into the front passenger seat of an SUV. One Carrollton officer was already in the area and was able to stop the vehicle.

The driver said he didn’t know Pope and was just trying to help someone he thought was in need.

The man said was driving in front of Publix when he saw the female running from behind the building, waving frantically. He said he saw a male running directly behind Pope, as if he was chasing her.

The driver told police that Pope approached his vehicle and asked him for help because she was being chased by her ex-husband, who wanted to hurt her.

The driver told police that the woman’s story seemed true because he did see a male chasing her. It was later determined that the male behind her was the store’s loss prevention officer.

After police informed the driver of the situation, he said he didn’t mean any harm and believed he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He told police that he thought he saw a woman in need, and being a pastor and youth minister, he felt that it was his duty to help her. After completing the investigation, the driver was released.

When officers were talking to Pope, they discovered that she shoplifted about $1,027 worth of clothing and assaulted the loss prevention officer with a knife. The loss prevention officer told police he had video surveillance of the incident.

Pope was then placed in handcuffs and placed in a patrol vehicle.

Pope then told police that she was in need of medical assistance, and said that she was having problems with her hands and feet. Officers called for an ambulance. EMS arrived and checked Pope and found that she had a serious infection to some previous injuries and needed to be taken to the hospital.

Pope was admitted to Tanner Medical Center due to a serious infection. Pope was to be released from custody and turned over to Tanner Medical Center for advanced medical treatment.

Two warrants were then issued for aggravated assault and shoplifting. It was discovered that Pope had an additional VOP warrant from Douglas County, and officers there told Carrollton police they wanted to place a hold upon Pope’s pending medical release.

Pope is currently in the Carroll County Jail with no bond set.

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