November 29, 2020

Full agenda at first 2017 BOC Meeting

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The first 2017 meeting of the Heard County Board of Commissioners was held January 24 in the courthouse.

The first item on the agenda was the presentation of a service award to Melinda Davis. Davis was honored with a plaque for 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to Heard County.

She started her career on January 20, 1997 with the Heard County Sheriff’s Department and now works for the magistrate court as of January 1, 2017.

Chairman Boone spoke highly of Davis stating, “Melinda is not a stranger to the courthouse. She has had a lot of footprints in here before she ever started with the magistrate court. We are happy to have her, she lives here in the county, a dedicated employee. A valuable asset coming into the magistrate court with the amount of experience she has had in law enforcement.”

Commissioner Larry Hooks, Commissioner Keri Denney, Chairman Lee Boone, Melinda Davis, Commissioner Gwen Caldwell, Commissioner Larry Hammond and Commissioner Joe Adams

Commissioner Hooks, Commissioner Denney, Chairman Boone, Melinda Davis, Commissioner Caldwell, Commissioner Hammond and Commissioner Adams

A public hearing was held for a special use application for the property of David Blevins located at 211 Herndon Road, Franklin, GA. Mr.Blevins spoke on his plans to have a wedding venue on the property. He had currently met with the Heard County Planning Committee in order to meet the conditions to receive approval from commissioners.

After the hearing was closed the commissioners approved the special use application with the planning committee’s conditions.

Invited guest Laurie Cook, Executive Director of Heard County Water Authority along with Chad Sipe, Principal Engineer of Carter & Sloope Engineering gave a presentation to the commissioners on the Authority’s Long Range Planning Projects.

The Authority has been conducting internal reviews for all departments and operations in the water treatment plant, distribution system and the sewage treatment plant over the last 12 months.

Priority #1 listed in the long-range plan would be an upgrade to the water treatment plant built in 1988 as a 1 million gallons per day facility. It was upgraded to a 3 million gallons per day facility in 1993.  The cost is estimated  between  $2.5 – $3 million dollars with funding coming from SPLOST and GEFA.

The Authority would like to start this project in 2017 depending on funds becoming available for the project.

Priority #2 listed  would be to upgrade water lines in the City of Franklin to benefit increased pumping capacity, redundancy, fire flows and to eliminate old failing lines.

This would also include lines out SR 100 to Pea Ridge Road to improve hydraulic conditions and distribute water effectively to outer limits of the system.

Other water projects are still under review. Cost is estimated at $1 – $1.5 million dollars and funding for this project would be SPLOST and future GEFA.

Priority List #3 Sewer System Improvements — the original sewer system was installed in the 1950’s.  Large sections of gravity sewer main and manholes have been repaired or replaced in the past with at least two community development block grants.

The Authority would like to continue to build on that progress and repair and replace the rest of the sewer system. The cost approximately $2-$3 million dollars and funding in a phased approach with CBBG Grant, Franklin SPLOST and GEFA.

The benefits would bring the sewer system up to date, reduce infiltration an inflow (1/1) as well as eliminate failing lines and costly repairs.

Last on the list of priorities is GIS mapping and modeling with the purpose of creating a GIS based map and hydraulic model of the Authority’s water and sewer system. Depending on the scope the cost would range from $75,000 – $125,000. Funding for the project to come from SPLOST dollars.

The benefits would be expanded knowledge of the system and a tool for better planning for future growth.

HCWA has already took steps on the eleven water storage tanks which hold approximately 2.5 million gallons of storage with a tank maintenance agreement contract with American Tank Maintenance. The contract calls for a schedule maintenance program on all eleven tanks to be renovated and repaired at regular intervals.

HCWA have already taken the necessary steps to seek low-interest loans and grant opportunities with GEFA and CDBG for the funding needed for the planned projects. HCWA requested to utilize available SPLOST dollars as judiciously as possible to upgrade the system and ready ourselves for future growth and expansion.

The commissioners agreed to pay invoices at the meeting for upgrades to the system with SPLOST dollars.

Others items on the agenda included approval of the minutes as written from the December 27 meeting.

The commissioners signed a resolution to change the name of Brush Creek Park to ‘Chattahoochee Old Town.’

The Board of Commissioners signed a resolution requesting that the General Assembly of the State of Georgia adopt legislation to authorize to dissolve the Heard County Board of Registrars and create a board to be entitled the Heard County Board of Elections and Registration.

The commissioners appointed Dustin Pate as a new member to the Heard County Planning Commission. They appointed Rodney Kay to fill the empty seat on the board of the  Heard County Development Authority.

Commissioner Larry Hooks was appointed Vice Chairman for 2017. County Clerk Patty Jiles, County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner, and County Auditor Kim Kimmel were all reappointed for 2017.

The Commissioners discussed and approved to raise the building permit fee from thirty cents per sq.ft to fifty cents per sq. ft. on heated sq. ft. which is the first increase in 20 years.

The meeting went into executive session and was adjourned.

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