September 26, 2021

Gas Leak False Alarm

Photo: Debbie O'Neal/Times-Journal

Photo: Debbie O’Neal/Times~Journal

(Franklin/Times~Journal) — On Friday morning, April 1st around 9:45 a.m., a 911 call came in reporting a strong gasoline odor in the area of Franklin Parkway close to the Marathon and Flash Foods service stations.

Heard County Fire Department and Franklin Police responded to the call.

There was an odor present but upon investigation no leak was found from either of the businesses.

The Marathon and Flash Foods both had representatives come in to make sure their tanks had no leaks.

According to Chief Wirth, Heard County Fire Fighters flushed the storm drains on the parkway but were unable to find an ongoing source that would be causing the problem in the storm drain.

Wirth added they would be keeping a close monitor on the situation.

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