January 23, 2022

Girl Scouts visit Heard County Food Pantry

Girl Scout Troop 14303 visited the Heard County Food Pantry last week

Girl Scout Troop 14303 visited the Heard County Food Pantry last week

(Franklin) — Heard County Girl Scout Troup 14303 and their leaders, Ms. Georgia Parker and Charlotte Irwin, visited the Heard County Food Pantry last week to learn about the food insecurities of many Heard County families.

They listened to Ms. Joanna Fridley, Food Pantry part-time employee funded by the Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging Title 5 Senior Employment Program, as she shared how many families come to the Pantry for Emergency Food and how many come regularly on Fridays between 10:00 a.m. and noon to get food to supplement their food money budget or food stamps.

The girls also took time to help Ms. Joanna pack food bags for families coming during the next week. Each family receives approximately 50-65 pounds of canned goods, cereal, breads, meat and other food items.

Many families have working adults, but gas, mortgages, medicines, medical insurance, doctor bills and other necessary family expenses do not leave enough money to feed a family.

Ms. Fridley also told the Girl Scouts about our backpack programs at Heard County Middle School and Ephesus Elementary School for children to take home food for the weekends or during the week if it is needed.

The Heard County Food Pantry is supported totally by donations and grants when available. 100% of all donations received go to purchase food from the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The Food  Pantry also receives food from Midwest Food Bank and a local Bread Company. The Pantry is housed at the Franklin Housing Authority offices on South River Road through the generosity of the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Volunteer Jim Kuchenbaker orders all of our food and coordinates pickup and delivery by himself and Housing Authority staff members, Carlos Dinarte and Jeff Gilbert.

There would not be a Heard County Food Pantry without the effort of all who give of their time and financial support to help their neighbors.

The Girl Scouts collected food for the Food Pantry earlier this year at Piggly Wiggly Shopping Center and also brought a generous donation from their Girl Scout Cookie Sales this year.

Next time you see the Girl Scouts selling cookies, remember that some of that money from their sales efforts goes to support local Heard County families.

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