November 25, 2020

Gracie’s Meeting Notes: Heard County Board of Commissioners (2/28/13)

Gracie Rowe Local PoliticsThe Heard County Board of Commissioners meeting was called to order at 6:30 on the evening of Thursday, February 28. After the welcome was given by Commission Chair Lee Boone, the invocation was given by Commissioner Larry Hooks of district one, after which the pledge of allegiance was said.

The approval of the minutes from the previous meeting was then called for. After the minutes were approved, Boone recommended to add item d under new business, a discussion regarding road signs.

Commissioner Sandi Allen from district five motioned to approve this addition to the agenda and her motion received a second from Commissioner Jacob Cammon, representative of district two. All were in favor and the item was added.

New business began with item a, “set meeting, date, time, and place for 2013 commissioner meetings.” District four Commissioner Frank Crook motioned to keep the meetings as they are (6:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month in the Heard County Courtroom).Commissioner Gwen Caldwell of district three seconded Crook’s motion and it passed unanimously.

“Approve reimbursement of Chairman Boone’s parking expenses,” was item b of new business. Boone explained that he acquired a debt of over $50 on a recent trip to Atlanta for county business. Commissioner Cammon motioned to approve the reimbursement. Commissioner Allen seconded the motion and all the commissioners were in favor therefore the motion passed.

Item c of new business was a discussion regarding an appointment to the Heard County Board of Health. Chairman Boone informed the board that they must appoint a new member to the Heard County Board of Health to replace Chris Cumbie, who recently resigned.

Diane Adams from the Health Department recommended Marti Caputa, who presented a resume for appointment to the board. Commissioner Crook commented that Caputa seemed “well-qualified.”

Commissioner Hooks then made a motion to appoint Caputa to the Board of Health and Commissioner Crook seconded this motion. The entire board was in favor of this action and the appointment was made.

Item d of new business, the discussion regarding road signs, was presented to the board by Chairman Boone. He explained that Jane Olinger of the Heard County Sherriff’s Department informed him that the state is mandating that “Heard County will be responsible for proper speed zone sign placement on non-state route roadways…as well as any advisory speed warning signs roadway conditions warrant.”

All of these mandates must be completed before the sheriffs’ department can renew their radar license. Commissioner Allen motioned to accept these terms; Commissioner Hooks seconded her motion; all were in favor.

Item a, “approve commercial pool permit fees for Heard County Health Department,” was the only item under old business. Boone shared with the board that this item of business had been discussed at the most recent Heard County Board of Health meeting and that Diane Adams had found the surrounding counties prices for these fees.

The board was presented with the prices surrounding counties charge as well as a list of exactly what a commercial pool inspection includes. Commissioner Crook motioned to accept the proposed $150 as a yearly inspection fee; Commissioner Allen seconded this motion and all were in favor.

The floor was then opened for public comments. Emmett Jackson from Heard County’s Habitat for Humanity made the first public comment. He shared with the board that the construction of the first Habitat for Humanity home would begin construction in March on Lipham Road and invited the board to the groundbreaking. He also said that members of the LaGrange College football team would be framing the house. Jackson also thanked the board for their support.

Don Merinoff then extended an invitation to the board of commissioners to attend the Republican Committee’s meeting on March 9 at Loco Rio and to other upcoming Republican centered events.

Paul King made the final public comment of the evening addressing previous county bank statements and expressing his discontent with the board. After King finished, Commissioner Allen motioned to move the meeting into executive session to discuss “pending litigation.”

Commissioner Cammon seconded this motion; all were in favor and the meeting moved into executive session, after which the meeting was adjourned.

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