November 23, 2020

Grid numbers lucky for 3 at HCMS

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Franklin) – Cindy Putzek, Certus Bank Franklin Branch Manager, gave awards recently to three students who chose “lucky” squares on the Certus Bank Boxtops Grid.

There were only six blank squares on this year’s Grid, which has numbered squares 1-100. The “cost” to claim a square is 50 General Mills Boxtops, which are worth 10 cents each.

From across town, Mrs. Putzek called out #23 (Phillip Dill – $100), #44 (Rachel Dyer – $50) and #99 (Mandy Bowman – $25). Students were called to the media center to receive the awards.

From left: Phillip Dill, Mrs. Putzek, Rachel Dyer and Mandy Bowman. Proceeds from the Boxtops Grid support the media program at HCMS.

For information on next year’s Grid, go to or find/like Bravesread on Facebook and Twitter.

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