June 23, 2021

GSP preparing for a busy July 4th holiday travel period

(Atlanta, GA) — Georgia State Troopers are gearing up for a busy July Fourth holiday travel period.  The holiday period is 102 hours long, beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3 and ending at midnight on Sunday, July 7.

“During this period, troopers will be conducting concentrated patrols and road checks throughout the state,” said Colonel Mark W. McDonough, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety.  “Additionally troopers along with other law enforcement officers will be in highly visible locations, including areas on secondary roads. Past experiences have shown that a high visibility of law enforcement officers, increases safe driving habits and that translates to lives saved,” he added.

Last year, the holiday period was 30 hours long and there were two fatal crashes reported statewide. The Georgia State Patrol investigated 151 traffic crashes that resulted in 120 injuries, and one fatality. Additionally, troopers issued 3,765 citations, 6,591 warnings, and made 127 DUI arrests.

“Although last year tied the record for the lowest number of deaths during a July Fourth holiday period, motorists should still use extra care while traveling this holiday period,” Colonel McDonough said.

The Georgia State Patrol encourages everyone to celebrate the Independence Day holiday responsibly. Plan festivities carefully and keep safety a priority. Buckle up, be courteous to other drivers, and use a designated driver if consuming alcohol is in your plans.

“Troopers will be looking for speeders, seat belt and child restraint violators, and drivers operating motor vehicles while impaired.  Speed, a lack of occupant protection use, and an impaired driver make a deadly combination on ours roads,” Colonel McDonough emphasized.

From July 3-7, the Georgia State Patrol will also be participating in the nationwide traffic safety initiative, Operation C.A.R.E, or Combined Accident Reduction Effort.

State troopers will join other state highway patrols and state police agencies from the United States and Canada in conducting high visibility patrols and providing safety education to the motoring public in an effort to reduce the number of traffic deaths on our roads.


Be Prepared for Rainy Travel

With rain in the forecast for much of the July Fourth holiday travel period, the Georgia State Patrol is reminding drivers to be prepared before hitting the roads.

Troopers offer the following safety tips for rainy day travel:

  • Inspect your vehicle’s windshield wipers and replace old or worn wiper blades;

  • Check the tread condition and pressure in each of your vehicle’s tires;

  • Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination;

  • Slow down – remember it takes longer to bring your vehicle to a stop on wet roads.  Higher speeds increase your chances of hydroplaning;

  • Increase your distance from the vehicle ahead and be prepared for sudden stops or needing to take evasive actions;

  • Georgia Law requires headlights to be on in the rain.  If your vehicle is equipped with automatic headlights, manually turn the lights on during daylight hours when it is raining;

  • Thunderstorms may cause traffic signals to malfunction.  A red flashing signal means stop.  A flashing amber signal means to exercise caution when entered the intersection.  When the light is completely not working, treat the intersection as a four-way-stop; and,

  • Minimize distractions inside the vehicle.  Driving, especially on wet roads, requires your full attention.


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