November 24, 2020

GSP Trooper Fired After Traffic Accident Kills Two Teens

(Carroll County, GA) — A report by Gradick Communications and WLBB has confirmed the Georgia State Patrol has fired the trooper involved in a violent crash that killed two Paulding County teenagers in Carroll County last weekend.

GSP investigators identified an additional contributing factor to the crash of exceeding the speed limit on the part of TFC A.J. Scott.

Evidence indicates that 5 seconds prior to the crash, Scott’s patrol vehicle was traveling approximately 90 mph in a posted 55 mph speed zone.

According to Capt. Mark S. Perry with the GSP Public Information Office, evidence further indicates that at the time of the crash Scott’s vehicle was traveling approximately 66 mph.

TFC Scott was operating his vehicle without emergency equipment activated and was not responding to an emergency situation.

Based upon information gathered during the investigation, an adverse action has been proposed against TFC Scott terminating his employment with the Georgia Department of Public Safety effective October 7, 2015.



  1. Derek Murphy says

    It’s time to vote Pete Skandalakis, Out of office. He is nothing but a Cop mouth-piece and apologist EVERYTIME a cop screws up he jumps in to help them out. Just think of the baby who was bombed in north Ga by the Swat team (he was the chief ‘Adviser’ on the case), or the deputy in Carroll county that falsely imprisoned a man so he could try and sleep with the man’s wife, something he had been accused of before. Scadal-@$$-kiss said what he did was morally wrong but not criminal WTH!!?? Also this article didn’t mention this was the “Respected” troopers 3RD AT FAULT wreck. Can someone please explain to me why having a badge makes you subject to a different set of laws? If anything they should be held to a higher standard if they want more respect.

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