August 1, 2021

Happy Birthday Baby Silas

One year ago today Baby Silas Lane Kirkpatrick was born at West Georgia Medical Center in Lagrange. Silas was perhaps the most well-known little baby in the history of Heard County.

His mom was Anna Kirkpatrick, a senior at Heard High School. Anna was basically the “poster girl” for our local facebook page known as The FrAnK LynN MuSe BrAKe.

Anna was very popular among local facebookers as a very outspoken and intelligent teenager. She was a straight-A student and well-liked by most everyone.

As a result of these things, we as a social networking community took a major interest in her pregnancy and were very excited about the new baby.

We “interviewed” Anna on a regular basis via facebook for updates on the progress of her pregnancy as well as the progress of little Baby Silas.

It was such an amazing thing to see so many different kinds of people supporting her throughout such a profound experience in her life. It was also simply wonderful the way Anna shared this experience with so many of us.

Anna’s mom was even kind enough to invite everyone to her baby shower at First Georgia Bank which featured a “MuSe BrAKe” theme.

I was so proud to meet many new friends at this event and get to know many of Anna’s other family and friends. It was truly a wonderful experience for everyone.

In the fun-loving spirit of the MuSe BrAKe, we even had a contest to guess how much Baby Silas would weigh at birth. Well over 100 people made guesses and Silas came barreling into this world to a chorus of virtual cheers and weighing in at 7 pounds-11 ounces.

For the next couple of months Silas was able to see a lot of things. He was right there when his mom graduated high school with honors, he spent time at the ocean, and he made just tons of friends everywhere he went. He was like Heard County’s own little baby celebrity.

Unfortunately, his precious little life was taken from this Earth on June 14, 2011. Since that day, Anna Kirkpatrick has showed astonishing strength. Despite all she has been through she is going to college and continues to strive to be the best she can be.

Anna, from all your MuSe BrAKe/facebook family and friends, you are in our thoughts and prayers today. We love you very much.

The following video was made by Lisa Orantes with Loving Memories. My utmost appreciation goes out to Lisa for creating this wonderful tribute to Baby Silas.

A Tribute to Baby Silas from on Vimeo.



  1. Great article Russ!! Happy Birthday Baby Silas!

  2. Anna Kirkpatrick says

    Thanks you guys <3 I love y'all.

  3. Russ, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for Anna, Silas and our family. Thank you for the beautiful articles you’ve written about my grandson, Silas. It is truly an honor to know you and call you a friend. The pain of losing Silas is unbearable, at times, but your words remind us of how lucky we were to have had the time we did have with Silas….no matter how brief. I wish we could have watched him eagerly dig in to his first birthday cake today. That was not in the cards for us, so we did a small ceremony at his grave and released birthday balloons. Hoping, somehow, they’ll reach him. Again, thank you. Thank you Lisa for the beautiful slide show!

  4. So sorry for ur loss.. Happy Birthday little Angel!!!!!!!! I dont know u little man but I love u an I know god has u now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U r family is in my thoughts and prayers…. God bless all of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Patricia Bailey says

    Happy Birthday Silas. You have had a major impact on so many lives. Very few of us will ever have the impact on others that you have had.

    Thank you Russ and Lisa this was a beautiful tribute.

  6. i just now got to see this, i cried. he was very loved

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