November 29, 2020

Happy Ending at Heard High

Mr. Edward Potts proudly displays his new ‘Braved-up’ golf cart at Staples Stadium

(Franklin, GA) — Thanks to the local community, one man’s golf cart accident turned into a very happy ending recently when cherished local Heard High School icon Mr. Edward Potts received brand new wheels.

The presentation of the new cart was made prior to the senior night football game in front of a large crowd of Brave fans.

An older golf cart had long been Edward’s primary mode of transportation to and from his job at the school before an accident that took place in the earl morning hours of October 23.

Edward was driving his personal golf cart to the high school in the dark and rain early that day when he was blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle and crashed into a large ditch. He tried to call and wave for help but no one could see him so deep in the ditch.

Thankfully, Edward managed to free himself and and made it to the school where an ambulance was called for him. He suffered a deep laceration to his head requiring several stitches but other test results were clear of any further damage.

A fundraiser was started for Edward by the local community and through numerous donations big and small a remarkable $10,400 was raised in just the matter of a few days.

Heard High receptionist and good friend Lori Cabe started a gofundme page that directly raised $3910 and the rest of the money was raised through several direct donations from area businesses and private citizens.

Cabe says she believed from the start that the community would answer the worthy cause.

“It was devastating to see Edward hurt but I was more disheartened because of the nature of the accident — I knew something had to be done. I’m only one person, but I live in such a great county,” said Lori Cabe. “My first thought was never underestimate the power of a small community.”

The sheer volume of contributions including $5 donations from current students up to larger donations from former faculty members and businesses signified just how popular Potts is in the Heard County community.

Potts was born with Cerebral Palsy on June 20, 1959 but has overcome that and much more throughout his life.

Despite his parents being told he wouldn’t make it through that first night, Edward has been an independent and integral part of Heard High School community and most especially the athletic department for over 40 years.

He graduated from HHS in 1978 and inducted on August 18 of this year as an inaugural community member of the first Brave Hall of Fame Class.

Edward’s positive spirit and dedicated work ethic despite his physical limitations have made him arguably the most popular and recognizable figure in the Heard County community over the last 50 years. Edward was born the only son of seven children.

Heard County Athletic Director Shane Lassetter says the impact and value of Edward’s new more modern cart with all the bells and whistles was seen almost immediately.

“The presentation at the game was great for Edward and everyone but the very next morning was most special to me. We had recreation football at Staples Stadium that day and when I got down to the field house about 6:50 AM it was pitch black and foggy,” said Lasseter.

“As I looked up the hill and from the baseball field I could see Edward coming down that hill towards the field house with his brand new wheels. It was so bright that in front of him it looked clear as day time. He pulled up safely and was grinning from ear to ear.”

Edward is so thankful to all that contributed to his new Brave decorated golf cart with bright lights, an automatic dump bed, and several other important safety features.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone — I just love it. I still can’t believe everyone raised that much money to do this for me. I am so thankful for what everyone has done,” says Potts.


  1. Sarah Almond says

    We are so happy for you Edward, and even more grateful that you were saved on that rainy, dreary morning of the accident. God spared you again! You are abundantly blessed! ! ! !

    • Elizabeth Beck-Payne says

      Amen to that!! May GOD continue to bless and protect you all the days of your life and may they be full of joy and happiness.

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