September 16, 2021

HCHS graduate charged with murder in Lagrange shooting

(Lagrange, GA) — A former resident and 2015 graduate of Heard County High School has been charged with murder in a deadly New Year’s Day shooting in Lagrange.

Camron Chase Downing (Photo: TCSO)

Authorities say 23-year-old Camron Chase Downing was arrested in Carrollton this week in connection to the alleged deadly shooting of 29-year-old Keenan A. Leonard on January 1.

According to reports, Leonard was found sitting a car, shot to death in the 1100 block of 2nd Avenue in Lagrange.

Leonard suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Downing is being charged with Murder and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of Certain Crimes.

He is currently being held in the Troup County Jail.


  1. Connie Atkinson says

    Keenen was a saved young man with NO felonies. Not in any gangs. No kids and was raised by BOTH parents. This punk took my nephew from me and I hope no I pray that he burn in HELL.

  2. Camron was a saved young man with very good morals that wouldn’t do nothing like that. Half of heardcounty will vouch for that Never been in any gangs I ask everybody I know if anybody knowed him and they said that in their option he was that he was a known drug dealer. But you must not be a christin connie your suppost to wish the best for everybody. Like the girl on Facebook live said Like it was 2 guys in a white f150 …. And for the heard citizin
    I am completely disappointed with y’all’s defamation of character……our court systems are innocent until proven guilty and y’all are clearly falsly stating that he is guilty and and it ain’t been proven. And wat it has done is potential planted a seed in any if the juriors mind

  3. Opinion camron never be messed with drugs not even pot

  4. And who was the girl filming the fb live because he was not in the car in video


    Form Ms Connie Atkinson, I want you to know, I feel your pain i really do, But please mam, Lets not send him to Hell to burn, until we first find out if he is the one who shot your nephew. I have known Cameron all his life, and can say without issue, This young man does not have what it takes to Kill in cold blood. If he some how gathered that instinct to kill, It would be a shock to all who know him. I could say much more and I will, but just not now. Let us follow the case, and pray justice is served Properly and C

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