November 29, 2020

HCMS 6th Grade Students: The Poets Among Them

Submitted by: Laura Farmer

As a new Language Arts teacher at Heard County Middle School, I have enjoyed reading the beautiful writing from many of our students.

Several were submitted to the Georgia Poetry Society for a possible win in a poetry contest. The following were chosen by a panel of teachers as their favorites.

I hope that you are inspired by the wonderful works that the children are producing at HCMS. There are many great poets among them.

PoetryThe Tragedy

By Annabelle Whoric

New Town, Connecticut
Is seeing shades of grey
For on December 14
A lot of people died that day.

It was horrible, terrible
A lot of people are mad
For children died
And this is sad.

6 and 7 years old
But all teachers held tight
And from now on
I kiss my brother goodnight.

Thankful that it didn’t happen to him
Praying for the ones it did
Because even if they were terrible
They were just little kids.

Some Days

By ReAnna McCormick

I can be strong. I can be weak.
I can be proud. I can be meek.
I can be gentle, or I can be tough.
I can explode: when I’ve had enough.

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I lose, but I always will try.
I always get up, when I get knocked down,
And make a smile, out of a frown.

I hope that God likes me, the day that we meet.
If only for a chance, to sit at his feet,
And be by his side, year after year.
While all the bad things just disappear.

So when life gets tough, and it’s hard to be strong,
I’ll never forget…..
Heaven is where I belong!


By Gage Cannon

I stretch my legs. I stretch my arms.
I do my pushups jumping around
Just knowing… I had a match to come.
I shook his hand till I heard the first whistle sound.

As I step inside the circle on the mat
I know how hard I have to go
Had to give it all, one hundred percent
Till I heard the whistle blow.

I shoot. I spin. I roll.
I sweat. My heart beats fast.
I flip him. I roll him. Then I pin him.
It’s finally over at last.

When the final whistle blows,
I shake his hand.
The ref lifts my arm.
And my victory shows.

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