November 28, 2020

HCMS Iron Braves

The middle school Iron Brave competition took place at the high school recently and 8th grader Austin Barron came out on top when he scored 86 points during the six event athletic/weightlifting competition which rewards both strength and athletic ability combined. The participation was great this year as 40+ kids competed in the three-day event. Another 8th grader Qua Daniel wasn’t far behind and in fact the top four finishers were “middle seniors.” The top 7th grade winner was Austin Miller who finished in 5th place with 64 points. The 10th place finisher was Ethan Hand who also won the weightlifting award for his total of 515 lbs. lifted in the three events.


Middle School Iron Braves
1. Austin Barron     86
2. Qua Daniel         83
3. Andrew Cannon  77
4. Hunter Lane       75
5. Austin Miller       64
6. Brandon Cooley   60
7. Matt Brown         60
8. Michael Barry      55
9. Jontae Gray        52
10. Ethan Hand      51

Weight Champ – Ethan Hand  515 lbs.

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