December 1, 2020

Head Start Director reports child was never in danger during recent incident

The Executive Director of Community Action for Improvement, Jerome Anderson, confirmed today that appropriate action has been taken towards employees that were involved in a recent incident concerning a young child at the Franklin Headstart Center located on Old Field Road.

Anderson stated that the child was never lost or in any danger but that members of the staff did fail to follow proper procedures in regards to the logging-out process.

He added that further poor decisions were made in the handling of the situation which led to the action taken with the employees. “This incident frightened us to death. Our staff went immediately to the center to meet with all employees to remind them of the importance of following all of our standard procedures at all times,” stated Anderson.

The local center employs six people including two teachers, two caregivers, one cook, and one center manager. The CAFI Headstart program operates in six counties and serves over 1100 children.

“Employees were not paying the attention that they needed to be and thought a child had already been picked up when the child was actually playing outside on the fenced-in playground. While the child was never in any danger we still took appropriate action to make sure this never happens again. People leave their children with us as they go about their daily jobs, activities, and errands with the assurance that they will be protected at all times. We reminded our staff again of the importance of staying focused at all times.”~CAFI Director Jerome Anderson

Anderson was unable to release any names of anyone involved in the late February occurrence citing confidentiality and welfare concerns of the children and the center.

The Franklin Head Start Center is licensed by the State of Georgia and has been in operation for about 25 years. The center operates the program in six counties and serves over 1100 children.

“CAFI Head Start provides a comprehensive program serving 3 to 5-year-old children from limited income families. The program focuses on the education, social, emotional, and physical needs of the children and their families. Ten percent of the enrollment is reserved for children with special needs. Medical and dental examinations, as well as follow-up treatments are provided. Many educational and pending training’s are offered for parents which encourages strong parent involvement and participation.”~CAFI website

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