January 23, 2022

Heard BOC Minutes (03/13/14)


MARCH 13, 2014 – 6:30 P.M.


The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Called Commissioners Meeting on March 13, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County Courthouse.

In attendance at the meeting were Chairman Lee Boone, District 1 Commissioner Larry Hooks, District 2 Commissioner Jacob Cammon, District 3 Commissioner Gwen Caldwell, District 4 Commissioner Frank Crook, and District 5 Commissioner Sandi Allen.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present and gave the invocation.

Agenda Item # 3 – Old Business

 a. Discuss Equipment Purchase – Public Works Director, Darold Wiggins – Public Works Director, Darold Wiggins presented bids he received on new tractors for the road department. The bids were as follows:

Sunsouth LLC, Carrollton-John Deere 6115D Open Station Tractor – $44,134.54

John Deere 6115D Cab Tractor- $51,206.26

GA Deer Farm, Roopville-Massey Ferguson 5612 Open StationTractor- $45,800.00

Massey Ferguson 5612 Cab Tractor- $53,300.00

After reviewing the bids and much discussion, Commissioner Cammon asked Mr. Wiggins which tractor he recommended. Mr. Wiggins recommended purchasing two John Deere 6115D cab tractors at $51,206.26 each from Sunsouth LLC.  He stated that his current tractors are seven years old and are in need of being replaced.

On motion (Cammon) and second (Allen), the Board voted 3 to 2 to approve Mr. Wiggins recommendation and purchase two John Deere 6115D tractors from Sunsouth LLC. Commissioner Allen, Cammon and Hooks voted for the motion. Commissioner Crook and Caldwell voted against the motion.

b. Other MattersCommissioner Crook asked Chairman Boone and Mr. Wiggins if the County was closing a portion of R.C. Jones Road. Mr. Wiggins stated no. He stated the only conversation he had recently regarding R.C. Jones Road was with a timber harvesters. There has been no mention of closing any portion of R.C. Jones Road.

Chairman Boone asked the Board if they would like to hold an auction in the early summer to auction off any County equipment that the County declares surplus. He stated that he would ask the Board of Education if they would like to include any items also. All agreed.

Chairman Boone stated that the County’s timber harvesting is not complete. He stated that the County has received $155,000.00 in proceeds from the timber that has been harvested.

Agenda Item # 8 – Public Comments – None.

Agenda Item # 9 – Executive Session – None.

There being no further business, on motion (Caldwell) and (Hooks), the Board unanimously voted to adjourn.



  1. It’s about time we bought anything besides POS Massey Fergusons! Thanks!

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