January 17, 2022

Heard BOC Minutes (08/28/14)


AUGUST 28, 2014 – 6:30 P.M.

(Franklin) — The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on August 28, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County Courthouse.

In attendance at the meeting were Chairman Lee Boone, District 1 Commissioner Larry Hooks, District 2 Commissioner Jacob Cammon, District 3 Commissioner Gwen Caldwell, District 4 Commissioner Frank Crook, District 5 Commissioner Sandi Allen, and County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present. Commissioner Larry Hooks gave the invocation.

Agenda Item #3 – Presentation – Proclamation – Constitution Week – Chairman Boone presented a proclamation declaring the week of September 17th through the 23rd as Constitution Week. On motion (Allen) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously approved this request.

Agenda Item # 4 – Approval of Minutes – On motion (Crook) and second (Allen), the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes from August 28, 2014 as presented.

Agenda Item # 5 – Amend Agenda – None.

Agenda Item # 6 – New Business – a. Discuss Acquisition of Purchasing Card (P-Card) – Felicia Adams, Finance Director – Felicia Adams, Finance Director stated that she recently inquired with Bank of North Georgia about obtaining a purchasing card or P-card for the County. She explained that with this card the County could pay their regular re-occurring monthly bills and receive a rebate back each month for doing so. She stated that she recently annualized the County’s spending with twenty-nine vendors and determined that by using the P-card to pay these monthly bills, the County would save approximately $18,000.00 a year. She stated there are no fees associated with using this card. She explained that it is similar to a debit card; if the money isn’t in the account then the P-card cannot be used. On motion (Allen) and second (Crook), the Board unanimously approved this request.

  1. Appointment to Heard County Public Facilities Authority – On motion (Caldwell) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously reappointed Mr. Chuck Stephens to the Public Facilities Authority.

  2. Discuss Non-Conforming Use Application – Mr. Bobby Eason, 1021 Miller Road, Hogansville, Georgia – Chairman Boone explained the Mr. Bobby Eason has already moved a single wide mobile home from 685 Georgia Highway 100 to 1021 Miller Road with no permission and no permits. He explained that Mr. Eason was given a citation by Codes Enforcement Officer, Robert Nelms. Heard County Magistrate Court issued an $800 fine to Mr. Eason along with special conditions that were placed on his bond. Mr. Eason spoke to the Board and explained that he did have someone move the mobile home with no permits or permission because he “took bad advice from people.” He explained that after his court date, he did tear down the deck from the front of the mobile home but has done no other work to the mobile home because he has had to rent another place to live. He stated he does not have the money to meet the other special conditions at this time. He stated his intention was to live there and continue to pay for the land that the home is located on. Commissioner Hooks stated he has looked at the mobile home and it is at least 200 feet off the road. There were no adjoining landowners present. After further discussion, Commissioner Hooks made a motion to allow Mr. Eason to leave the mobile home at 1021 Miller Road with the following conditions: a) Mr. Eason must comply with the Magistrate court order; b) he must comply with all current zoning; c) the Heard County Building Inspector must inspect the wiring of the mobile home; d) the Heard County Building Inspector must certify the mobile home is habitable;  e) Mr. Eason must have a mobile home manufacturer perform an independent inspection of the mobile home. Commissioner Crook seconded the motion. Commissioners Crook, Caldwell, Cammon and Hooks voted for the motion. Commissioner Allen voted against the motion stating that she felt the Board was setting precedence by approving this request. The motion passed 4 to 1.

  3. Revocation of Beer & Wine License for Pop’s Grocery, 375 Georgia Highway 100, Hogansville, Georgia – Chairman Boone stated that after many calls made to the Sheriff’s office regarding problems at this store, Codes Enforcement Officer Robert Nelms along with County Attorney, Jerry Ann Conner has made the recommendation to revoke the county beer and wine license for this store. He stated that there are three main points to this revocation; 1) store clerks working without the proper identification badges; 2) one clerk working while intoxicated; 3) and the store operating without a business license. He asked County Clerk, Patty Jiles to explain to the Board about these offenses. Mrs. Jiles explained about the several complaint calls that have been made to 911 regarding the store and/or store clerk. Heard County Deputy Will Hannah also spoke to the Board regarding these calls. Attorney, Ken Gordon on behalf of Mr. Mann, the license holder, spoke and proposed to the Board to allow Mr. Mann to keep his license with conditions. Chairman Boone responded that the store does not have a business license and will be paying a late fee for the license. After further discussion, on motion (Crook) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously voted to suspend the beer and wine license for Pop’s Grocery for a period of six months at which that time they can reapply for a license; and for Pop’s Grocery to buy a current business license in order to continue to operate as a store.

Agenda Item # 7 – Old Business – Appointment to Heard County Board of Tax Assessors – Chairman Boone stated that the last appointment made to the Board of Tax Assessors has declined the appointment therefore, there is an open position on this Board. On motion (Hooks) and second (Allen), the Board unanimously voted to postpone this agenda item.

Agenda Item # 8 – Public Comments – None.

Agenda Item # 9 – Executive Session – Chairman Boone asked the Board to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel and litigation. On motion (Allen) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously voted to enter into Executive Session. On motion (Allen) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously voted to return to Open Session. Chairman Boone stated that in Executive Session personnel and litigation was discussed with no decisions made.

There being no further business, on motion (Caldwell) and second (Cammon), the Board unanimously voted to adjourn.

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