December 5, 2020

Heard BOC Purchases Historical Downtown Gas Station

(Franklin) — The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a called meeting on October 13, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County Courthouse.

In attendance at the meeting were Chairman Lee Boone, District 1 Commissioner Larry Hooks, District 2 Commissioner Keri Denney, District 3 Commissioner Gwen Caldwell, District 4 Commissioner Larry Hammond, and District 5 Commissioner Joe Adams.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone present and gave the invocation.

Chairman Boone stated that it was recently discussed that the county consider purchasing the old gas station at the corner of Main Street and Highway 34, in the City of Franklin. He explained that this property is a significant historic property and could be an asset to the Heard County Old Jail/Historic Museum.

He stated the property has been completely renovated and was recently appraised for $70,000.00 with .07 acres and the building. He stated the purchase would be made from the Certus Bank.

On motion (Denney) and second (Caldwell), the Board unanimously approved the purchase of this property for $70,000.00 from Certus Bank to paid with SPLOST monies.

Chairman Boone stated that this meeting is to approve the allocation of funds prior to the closing on this property scheduled for later this week. He reminded the Board that this property is not officially Heard County’s until after the closing. On Friday, October 16 Chairman Lee Boone closed on the historic property.

“ The Historic Gas Station is a part of history in Heard County that needs to be preserved and protected. I have been concerned about lack of use of the facility, and the potential that could exist if the county owned it,” said the Chairman.

“I contacted the upper management with Certus Bank and expressed the county’s interest in the building. After a period of negotiation, the bank agreed to the sale. This building and its location will be a valuable asset to the county and the Heard County Historical Society. It will also contribute to the efforts currently underway to promote Tourism here in Heard County. I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for their approval and support to facilitate the acquisition of this property.”

The old gas station  is 91 years old according the appraisal given to Heard County Commissioners. It was still in operation in 1948 and was a Gulf Gas Station. At one time it was part of the Village Inn Restaurant.

First Georgia Banking Company purchased the property and had planned to replace the station with a fountain. After a long drawn out process with the FDIC, First Georgia Bank committed to restoring the station in 2005 to the same level as the local historical society amounting to $62,000.00.

In May 2007, the building was dedicated in honor of Terry Harper the organizing chairman. The property was later sold to Certus Bank and now has been purchased by Heard County. The Gulf Gas Station will now officially forever be preserved as part of the Historic sites in Heard County. (From The Times~Journal)

The 91-year-old Gulf Gas Station (L-R): Chairman Lee Boone, Heard County Chamber of Commerce, Kathy Knowles, Commissioner Larry Hooks and Heard County Development Authority, Terry Harper.

The 91-year-old Gulf Gas Station (L-R): Chairman Lee Boone, Heard County Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Knowles, Commissioner Larry Hooks and Heard County Development Authority Chairman Terry Harper.

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