July 28, 2021

Heard Commissioners Approve Election Fees and PDMP; Business Owner Discusses Alcohol Sales in Ephesus

[gpslideshow]Heard BOC Meeting (12/29/11)

The Heard County Board of Commissioners met last Thursday night at the courthouse in Franklin for the regular December meeting.

Commission Chairperson June Jackson called the meeting to order and Morris Long gave the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

A guest speaker was on hand to speak to the board in the person of  Matt Brass, a Representative for Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. Brass spoke briefly to the board to introduce himself as a new liaison between the offices of Congressman Westmoreland and the government leaders as well as the  citizens of Heard County.

The board then approved the minutes of the previous meeting and approved the addition of one additional item to the evening’s agenda to include an appearance by HCWA Director Jimmy Knight.

Commissioner Isenhower motioned to add a discussion of the Old Yellow Dirt Cemetery at Georgia Power. The motioned died for lack of a second.

Isenhower then motioned to add a discussion about the county’s office hours. Commissioner Cammon seconded the motion which was defeated 3-2 in the vote with Crook, Caldwell, and Allen voting against.

There were no public comments. Under old business the board discussed the feasibility study of the courthouse. (At the November board meeting Jackson had brought forth one bid on the project, but the board asked her to get other quotes and she agreed to do that.)

Jackson told the board Thursday that she didn’t get other bids because she didn’t think it would be right to ask for other bids given the fact that the bid by Randy Smith had already been publicized at the previous meeting.

Jackson later stated that she had not received a bid from Smith but rather just a quote. She told the board she would have Kevin Hamby at the next meeting to discuss further options.

The first item to be addressed under new business was a resolution to approve the joint city/county Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan. Sharon Caton of Plans and More, LLP spoke about the plan. Representatives of the cities were on hand to vote with the board to adopt the resolution.

City Councilman Shane Manders represented Franklin, Mayor Denney Rogers was on hand from Ephesus, and Mayor Barbie Crockett was present from Centralhatchee. The board and the three city representatives approved the resolution unanimously (8-0).

The plan can be viewed at the Heard government website www.heardcountyga.com.

A business owner from Ephesus, Mary Cates then addressed the board about economic development in Ephesus. She asked the board’s help in trying to boost the economy in the Northwestern Heard community.

She made several comments about Ephesus politics relating to the issuance of a beer and wine license for retail stores. She stated that times were tough and that she, as a business owner, had been forced to separate religion from business.

She said that she was a born again Christian that did not drink but didn’t think it was her responsibility to decide what others should buy.

Cates expressed a need to sell products to all kinds of people in order to survive and noted that she was allowed to sell lottery tickets and cigarettes without issue. She also discussed the prospects of a Dollar General Store in Ephesus. The board did not discuss the matter.

Business Owner Discusses Economic Development in Ephesus,Ga from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.

After the qualifying fess for the 2012 Election were set and approved by the board, they discussed the performance of Fire Inspections for the City of Franklin.

Chief Scott Blue spoke about the potential possibility of handling the city’s inspections. The board approved allowing the county to do the inspections for now while a formal agreement can be finalized in the near future.

Morris Long and Emmett Harrod were reappointed to the West Georgia Joint Development Authority by a 4-1 margin with Isenhower voting against. Isenhower stated that she thought the appointment of Long was a conflict of interest due to his position on the school board.

Jimmy Knight came forth to update the board about a new storage tank that is under construction at the industrial park. He stated that a grant had paid for about half of the tank and that the HCWA Board had voted to use SPLOST money to fund the rest.

There was no executive session and the board adjourned. The regular January BOC meeting will convene on January 24th at 6:30 at the Heard County Courthouse on the square in Franklin.


  1. Looks like June Jackson is trying to avoid the discussion about court house hours. How is anything different going to get accomplished when only two commissioners want change. The others are a poor excuse for someone who should be in public relations. Sad if you ask me. Any ideas on who may be running aganist June Jackson in election? That’s who has my vote.

    • What qualties are you looking for in a candidate to replace her? This goes to anybody that wants to voice their opinion.

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