September 26, 2021

Heard Commissioners Continue to Butt Heads at September Meeting

The regular September meeting of the Heard County Board of Commissioners took place last night at the Heard County Courthouse in Franklin.

HCWA Director Jimmy Knight

The invocation was given by Heard County Fire Chief/EMA Director Scott Blue. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the board recognized Mrs. Darlene Shoemake with a plaque commemorating her 20 years of service to the county.

The board then approved amendments to the agenda to include a discussion of surplus equipment under old business and to discuss the water ban under new business.

Commissioner Karen Isenhower then motioned that a discussion of county credit cards be added to the agenda. Commissioner Jacob Cammon seconded the motion but it was voted down 3-2 with commissioners Sandi Allen, Frank Crook , and Gwen Caldwell voting against.

Isenhower then motioned to add a discussion of the open records laws to the agenda. Cammon seconded the motion and again it was defeated by the same 3-2 vote as Allen, Crook, and Caldwell voted against.

Isenhower then motioned for an amendment to the agenda to discuss her expenses. This motion died without a second. Click here  for exclusive video of the agenda amendments.

Commission Chairman June Jackson then opened the floor for public comments. Charles Cummings came forth and made the following public comment which lasted for 1:03 before Jackson interjected. This is the dialogue that took place:

Charles Cummings:  “My comment tonight is about public comments. The ban on real public comments needs to be lifted. By making the subject matter for comment only allowable if it’s directly on the agenda is unfair to the tax paying citizens of this county. First off, we can only comment about business before it’s discussed how can we make intelligent comments about something before we here the information? If I want to talk about the way District#1 never gets to put issues on the agenda that’s my right. If I want to talk about the t.v. paid for with taxpayer money sitting in the commission chair’s house that’s my right or if the everyday citizen wants to talk about your overall job performance he or she has that right. Just because you control the money and everything else you can get your hands on does not mean you can control what gets said about how you spend said money. Why are you so afraid of the voice of the public and the district one commissioner?”

Commission Chair June Jackson:  “That’s enough Charles Cummings!”

Charles Cummings:  “Your poor leadership…”

June Jackson: ” Charles Cummings that’s enough!”

Charles Cummings:  “Thank you.”

June Jackson:  “I think I read this in the last meeting but I will read it again: The legislation provided by the Heard County Board of Commissioners gives the chairman authority to preside over the commissioner’s meetings. This includes keeping order in the meetings. So to keep our meetings on a professional level we will not tolerate any disparaging remarks or any insinuations towards the board, staff, or audience. Anyone who insists on continuing will be removed from this meeting.”

Commissioner Isenhower then discussed and motioned for another public comment section to be added to the agenda to allow public comments at the end of the agenda.

Cammon seconded the motion and it was defeated once again 3-2 with Allen, Crook, and Caldwell voting against.

See below for exclusive HeardCitizen. com video of this public comment and that took place which includes an exchange between commissioners Crook and Isenhower that included a  mention of publisher Russ Massa.


Under old business on the agenda, the board voted to approve the addition of some old unused office furniture  from Willie Bradfield’s department (EMS/Fire) to the auction which was previously discussed in the August meeting. The auction will take place in October.

Under the new business part of the agenda, Mrs. Dinah Rowe discussed a Proclamation for National 4-H week to be declared in Heard County.

She then introduced Ms. Gracie Rowe, a Heard High School Junior, to discuss the many ways that the 4-H program has benefited her directly.

The board approved this proclamation unanimously. See below for exclusive footage of Ms. Gracie Rowe’s comments.


Next on the agenda was the appointment of two tax assessors. Commissioner Caldwell motioned to reappoint District #3 board member Lana Bussey and the board approved unanimously.

Commissioner Frank Crook motioned for a new member to be added to board, Cindy Putzek, to replace Kevin Hayes whose three-year term ended on September 22. The board unanimously approved the appointment of Ms. Putzek.

Kevin Hayes was the Republican candidate who lost to Commissioner Crook in last year’s election by only 20+ votes.

Under item C under new business, Jackson recommended the appointment of Leighton Alston to the Development Authority which was unanimously approved.

The board then approved 5-0 a budget amendment of $3542.00 for the basic healthcare coverage at the Heard County Jail.

Finally, on the amended agenda item, Jimmy Knight of the Water Authority discussed the new water ban restrictions which were approved by the board 5-0. The meeting then adjourned.

NOTE: The Board of Commissioners met Friday September 23 for a special called meeting to discuss and approve the millage rate. The board approved the item 4-1 with Isenhower voting against.




  1. rhiannon chandler says

    People really need to think about who they vote for from now on. These people are in office because someone put them there! Don’t get me wrong, some of them deserve to be there but other are a joke!!! She don’t want to hear what the public has to say because we don’t say she is doing a good job.

  2. Emmett Jackson says

    Mr Cummings has a point in my opinion. It is bad policy to not hear the people’s input about issues that concern them. While I agree with comissioner Jackson that comments should be respectful the people of the county should be heard. I also feel that regardless of how the majority of the commissioner feel about ms Isenhower respect of the will of the people whom she represents should allow for her input to be considered it seems she has in effect been censored to a point that the people of her district have no voice in county business. I have no grudge against any of our commissioner and do not write this to offend any of them. I do think there is room for improvement in the way they conduct our business .

  3. Why don’t you ask the people Isenhower supposedly represents how they feel about her? This “commissioner” has been arrested, tried, and convicted of criminal trespass and is still holding her “commissioner” position. She certainly does not represent me or my views. The bumper sticker on her truck says it all “Nuttier than a squirrel’s terd” There may be limits on what you can say at the meetings, but last time I checked, you can always call/contact all the commissioners personnally and make your opinions known.

  4. What’s your definition of a “bad” job? Roads are being maintained, right a ways cut, trash picked up, same available programs for seniors and kids, convenience centers and county offices have the same hours, and your taxes didn’t go up? Same services, same taxes. All that and they didn’t furlough or get rid of anybody. Doesn’t sound like a “bad” job to me-check with other counties and see how they’re doing.
    FYI-Those “abandoned” properties you’re seeing are foreclosures and belong to the banks, the county can’t touch them. Tax sales are published in the newspaper and the county only collects the back taxes, nothing more.

  5. I live in District 1 and that commissioner does not represent my opinions at all. All she talks about is old stuff-put that behind you and be proactive now. Vacant houses are everywhere in your district which means people have lost homes-how come you haven’t addressed that? People lose houses because they have lost jobs-what have you done to bring jobs to the county? What about the obvious-the drugs and meth labs? Have you suggested programs or activities to keep kids busy and off the streets and away from drugs? I can answer this one-its a big no. You wear a shirt proclaiming “The Leprechauns Hid My Stash” What message does that send to kids? You claim everyone else is breaking the law and you condon illegal drug use by wearing such an embrassing shirt.You’ve harped meeting after meeting about what you haven’t got-reports, open records, etc but what have you actually done for your voters you represent? You are not the solution, you are the problem! Come on District 1 let’s get some decent representation for us!

  6. Whoop whoop! made it online!!

  7. Kinda reminds me of the Harper Valley P.T.A. song!

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