December 2, 2020

Heard County 911 employee in stable condition after hunting accident

A Heard County 911 employee, Dedria Brown, is in  stable condition in ICU at Atlanta Medical Center today after being shot in the abdomen while hunting.

Brown, a 911 operator for Heard County, was hunting for rabbits early yesterday when the accident took place.

According to her husband, Jackie Brown, she came through a successful surgery yesterday and will face another surgery tomorrow. The secondary surgery had originally been scheduled for this morning, but was postponed due to swelling.

He told us that his wife, a long-time hunter, had wounded a rabbit and then proceeded to finish it off by hitting it with the butt of her .22 caliber rifle. This is when the rifle discharged wounding her through the abdomen.

(*CORRECTION 2/21/12: We have since learned that the gun was not a .22 rifle but rather a 20 gauge shotgun. We apologize for our error)

Brown, who has been with the 911 center for almost 15 years, is very popular with all of her friends and co-workers.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dedria,” stated co-worker Chris Acosta. “She is a person who loves her life and all the people in it. Both her and her husband are real deal salt of the earth people and I can only pray she’s back to herself very soon.”

Brown was honored by the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) as the Communications Officer of the Year several years ago for her actions in keeping a Heard County deputy from being killed by a carjacker.

Numerous citizens in the community have expressed prayers and support to Brown’s facebook page.


  1. david bentley says

    Aint no Fun when the Rabbits got the Gun! lol Naw…get well soon!


  1. […] she had just fired on. As she struck the rabbit with the butt of her 20 gauge shotgun, the gun accidentally fired sending a bullet through her abdomen causing serious damage to her […]

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