November 26, 2020

Heard County Board of Commissioner’s Meeting (08/23/12)

Courtesy of the Times~Journal

Written by: Gracie Rowe

The Heard County Board of Commissioners meeting was called to order on August 23, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. Johnny Kistler of the Heard County Tax Assessors Board gave the invocation, which was followed by the pledge to the American flag.

Following the pledge, the approval of minutes was called for. Commissioner Sandi Allen from district five made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Commissioner Gwen Caldwell from district three seconded the motion; all were in favor.

The call for amendments to the agenda was then made by Chairman June Jackson. Commissioner Karen Isenhower of district one motioned to “have dialogue with the county attorney,” added to the agenda and received a second from Commissioner Jacob Cammon of district two.

Commissioners Isenhower and Cammon were in favor, Commissioners Allen, Caldwell, and Commissioner Frank Crook from district four were all opposed, therefore the motion died.

Cammon then made a motion to add county credit card statements as item d under new business. Isenhower seconded the motion and all were in favor. The motion was carried and item d was added under new business.

Isenhower then made a motion to amend the agenda to request the county attorney to “secure books.” However, her motion received no second and therefore died on the floor. She then made a motion to add “clarify discussion,” from the July 26 Heard County Board of Commissioners meeting with the county attorney. This motion also received no second.

Chairman Jackson then read the regulations for public comments and proceeded to open the floor for public comments; there were none.

Old business began with item a, “discuss bids for Notnomis Road Contract.” This item of business was postponed until the September 6 meeting. County Works Director Darold Wiggins was not present but reported to Chairman Jackson that he is currently reviewing the bids.

Item b under new business, “approve pay request for Cooksville Fire Station,” was commented on by Commissioner Crook who stated “I went out yesterday…it looks good.”

The total amount for the second pay application up for approval was $123,717.55. Crook motioned to approve the pay request and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Caldwell; all were in favor and the request was approved.

The discussion of the county probation office, which was listed as item c under old business, was postponed for the next meeting by Commissioner Allen.

The next item under new business was to approve the resolution for the Multi-Jurisdictional Pre-Disaster Mitigation plan. Sharon Armstrong told the board that this plan was the same on that had been approved in December of 2011 with a few minor revisions made by GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Agency).

Armstrong requested the board to make a final approval so the plan could be submitted to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The plan had already been approved by the mayors of Centralhatchee, Ephesus, and Franklin.

Commissioner Crook motioned to approve the plan. His motion received a second from Commissioner Allen and all were in favor; the plan was approved.

Item e under old business was to discuss the renewal of certificate of deposit for an amount totaling $1,135,480.29. Finance Director Felicia Adams presented the board with three different banks that each had different rates as well as different penalties for early withdrawal.

Option one, which was the Bank of North Georgia had a rate of .20 and a penalty of three months of interest which came to $560. Bank two, Regions Bank, had a rate of .10 and a penalty of six months of interest which came to an amount of $559.

The final option was Certus Bank, which had a rate of .44 and a penalty of one month of interest which added up to be $410. Commissioner Allen made a motion to renew the certificate of deposit with Certus Bank. Commission Cammon seconded and all were in favor; the certificate was renewed.

Item f under new business, discussion on the renewal of the Project Manager’s contract, was then discussed. Commissioner Allen motioned to renew Project Manager Kevin Hamby’s contract until December 31, 2012.

Commissioner Crook seconded her motion. Commissioner Allen also stated “He’s [Hamby] done a good job.” Commissioners Allen, Crook, Caldwell, and Cammon were in favor; Commissioner Isenhower was opposed. The majority vote allowed the motion to carry.

New Business began with Paul Jarrell from the Three Rivers Regional Commission asking the Board of Commissioners to approve the Heard County Short Term Work Program.

The approval would cover the program until the year 2016. Commissioner Allen motioned to approve the 2012-2016 program and transmit it to the Three Rivers Regional Commission. Commissioner Crook seconded this motion and all were in favor therefore the motion passed.

The second item of new business, which was to discuss an appointment to the Department of Behavioral Health and Disabilities Board (DBHDD), was postponed by Chairman Jackson until a representative from the DBHDD could explain in detail what was needed to the board.

Item c under new business was presented by EMA Director Scott Blue. He asked the board to re-appoint him and appoint Deputy Chief Steve Worth to the Region 4 EMS Council.

Commissioner Cammon motioned to make these appointments to the Council. Commissioner Allen second Cammon’s motion and all were in favor; the motion passed.

The last item under new business, to discuss county credit card statements, was brought to the table. Commissioner Cammon motioned that all transactions on county credit cards and record of checks be presented to all members of the Board of Commissioners at each meeting.

Commissioner Allen seconded his motion and all were in favor. The records will begin being presented at the September meeting. Cammon then made a motion to move into executive session to “discuss personnel,” and his motion received a second from Commission Caldwell.

All were in favor and the Board of Commissioners moved into executive session. After the commissioners returned from a brief executive session, Commissioner Cammon motioned to return to regular session.

Commissioner Crook seconded this motion; all were in favor and regular session was reinstated. Commissioner Crook then motioned to adjourn the meeting. His motion was seconded by Commissioner Cammon; all were in favor. After which, the meeting was adjourned.

(DISCLAIMER: The publisher of this website, Russ Massa, is currently running for the office of Heard County Commission Chairman. The above meeting article is courtesy of the Times~Journal and written solely by Gracie Rowe. Neither Russ Massa nor had any input into the writing of this article.)

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