November 27, 2020

Heard County Board of Commissioners Meeting (11/29/12)

The Heard County Board of Commissioners meeting was called to order by Commission Chair June Jackson on Thursday, November 29 at 6:30 p.m.

After the welcome, Johnny Kistler, Co-Chairman of the Heard County Board of Tax Assessors, gave the invocation, after which the pledge to the American flag was stated.

The approval of minutes was then called for. Commissioner Sandi Allen from district five motioned to approve the minutes as submitted. Her motion received a second from district three Commissioner Gwen Caldwell; the vote passed unanimously and the minutes were approved.

At this point in the meeting, amendments to the agenda were called for. Chairman Jackson requested that “discuss short term work program,” be added as item e under new business. Commissioner Allen motioned to add this to the agenda. Commissioner Caldwell seconded this motion and the entire board of commissioners was in favor.

Commissioner Karen Isenhower of district one asked if Heard County library employees would receive the $200 supplement along with the rest of the Heard County employees and was told that they would. She then made a motion to add item f “discuss events at arena,” under new business. Commissioner Jacob Cammon of district two seconded Isenhower’s motion. Commissioners Isenhower, Cammon, and Caldwell were in favor of this motion; Commissioners Frank Crook of district four and Allen were opposed. The majority vote won therefore the motion carried.

Isenhower then stated that she had some questions about county bank statements. Chairman Jackson asked Isenhower to write down her questions so they could be answered by the proper authorities.

The floor was then opened for public comments; none were made.

Old business began with a clarification on the leave sharing policy. After a discussion, the board came to the conclusion that they did not feel it necessary to approve each employees leave time and would just like these matters to continue to be kept on record.

The county attorney then expressed that he would rewrite a portion of the policy to clarify things. The second item of old business was a discussion on PILT agreements.

Chairman Jackson explained that in her opinion, it was unfair that the board of education did not receive money from the current PILT agreement even though both the county and the board of education levy taxes. She also informed the board that the current agreement could be changed if all parties involved conceded.

In this case, these parties would include the board of commissioners, the board of education, the development authority, and county utilities. However, the board did not show interest in changing the current agreement.

The final item up for discussion under old business was the renewal of Kevin Hamby’s contract. Hamby’s current contract ends on December 31 and the proposed renewal would extend his employment until June 30, 2013. Hamby told the board that he is still in the process of finishing out a few existing projects such as Notnomis Road and working with GDOT.

After some discussion, Commissioner Crook motioned to renew Hamby’s contract and his motion was seconded by Commissioner Cammon; all but Isenhower were in favor.

“Discuss appointments to Heard County Development Authority,” was the first item of new business. Existing members of the development authority Chuck Stephens, Grady Woodruff, Mark Adams, Leighton Alston, and Skip Jones all agreed to serve again. Commissioner Caldwell motioned to reappoint the aforementioned five men. His motion received a second by Commissioner Allen; all were in favor.

Item b of new business, “discuss request from Heard County Board of Health,” was a request to adopt the state pool regulation. The Board of Health wished to charge a fee of $250 for a commercial pool permit and a $150 annual inspection fee. The board of commissioners did not feel this was needed at this time.

Item c of new business, “discuss appointment of non-public member to Three Rivers Regional Commission,” was then brought to the table. Current member Kathy Knowles agreed to serve another one year term. Commissioner Allen motioned to reappoint Knowles to the commission and her motion received a second from Commissioner Caldwell. Commissioners Allen, Caldwell, Crook, and Cammon were in favor; Commissioner Isenhower was opposed.

After this appointment was made, Chairman Jackson requested that the new chairman take her place on Three Rivers Regional Commission in January. Commissioner Caldwell made a motion to replace Jackson with the new chairman once their term began; Commissioner Crook seconded this motion and all were in favor.

A discussion on excise tax was next on the agenda. Once a brief explanation was given, the board felt strongly in favor of leaving things how they currently stand.

A discussion regarding the short term work program came up next. The proposed short term work program would cover projects from 2012-2016 and this list can be changed at any time. The Department of Community Affairs as well as the Three Rivers Commission had already approved the program. Commissioner Caldwell felt that the literature on the subject needed to be read more thoroughly before being voted on, so the matter was postponed.

The final item of new business, item f, was a discussion involving events at the Heard County Covered Arena. Commissioner Isenhower asked what became of “Cowboy Day,” that the board of commissioners had approved funds for. Chairman Jackson explained that the man in charge of this event had recently passed away and therefore the event did not take place and no funds were supplied. This discussion concluded all items on the agenda.

Commissioner Caldwell then motioned to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Crook seconded his motion and all were in favor. The meeting was then adjourned.

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