December 4, 2021

Heard County Board of Commissioners Meeting (8/23/11)

The regularly scheduled August Board of Commissioners meeting was held Tuesday night at the Heard County Courthouse. Commission chair June Jackson read the following statement before calling the meeting to order:

“The legislation provided for the Heard County Board of Commissioners gives the chairman authority to preside over the commissioner’s meetings. This includes keeping order in the meetings. So to keep our meetings on a professional level we will not tolerate any disparaging remarks or any insinuations towards the board, staff, or audience. Anyone who insists on continuing will be removed from this meeting.”

After Jackson called the meeting to order, Reverend Noel Forrester gave the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The board then voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the previous two meetings.

Jackson then proposed to amend the agenda to add a discussion of the 9/11 monument to new business. On motion by Allen and a second by Caldwell the amendment passed unanimously. Commissioner Isenhower then motioned to amend the agenda to discuss the county attorney policy under old business.

Cammon gave a second to the motion and it was defeated by a 3-2 margin with Cammon and Isenhower in favor and Allen, Crook, and Caldwell opposed. Isenhower then motioned to amend the agenda to discuss credit card findings.

Again Cammon gave the second and again the motion was defeated by a 3-2 vote with Cammon and Isenhower in favor and Allen, Crook, and Caldwell opposed.

Commissioner Jackson then opened the floor for public comments. Commissioner Isenhower stated that she would like to make a comment about the rules and regulations of public comments from the Handbook of Georgia County Commissioners.

Jackson then told Isenhower:  “I believe that is a guide it is not a handbook per say. It is a guide to the board of commissioners but it is not law.”

Isenhower rebutted with “What about Georgia Open Meetings and open records laws?” County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner then stated that there were no open meeting laws in regards to public comments to which Isenhower replied that she believed there were two sections that did cover public comments.

Connnor agreed to discuss the topic after the meeting with Isenhower. There were no public comments.

After a discussion of Bank Pledgee Reports by Finance Director Felicia Adams under old business the meeting turned to the new business part of the agenda.

In the absence of Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Knowles 1st vice chairman Noel Forrester came forward to commend the Board of Commissioners for allowing the covered arena to be used for the Back to School Bash.

He also presented the board with a plaque signifying their appreciation. Next on the agenda Ms. Sherry Williams, a volunteer for the Heard County Food Pantry came forward to also show appreciation to the board for allowing the use of the covered arena for the monthly food giveaways sponsored by the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

She stated that over 60,000 pounds of food have been given away to Heard County families at no cost to the county since last December.

Following Ms. Williams the board unanimously approved a non conforming use application by Mr. Teddy Fincher in regards to placement of a mobile home on Abner Rd.

The board then also unanimously approved the reappointment of Mr. Johnny Kistler to the Heard County Board of Tax Assessors for another three-year term. Next to the podium was Public Works Director Darold Wiggins to discuss the auction of surplus county equipment.

He proposed that the equipment be placed in an auction in Calhoun, Ga later this fall sponsored by Midway Machinery and Auction LLC. A representative of the Midway company also spoke and the board approved both the surplus item list and the allowance of Midway to hold the auction of the items.

Both of these motions were approved unanimously by the board. Finally Chief Scott Blue came forth to discuss the 9/11 monument under the amended agenda item. He stated that public brick sales for the monument had been slow and he asked the board for a contribution to the project.

On the motion of Crook and a second by Allen the board approved unanimously to donate 5,000 towards the monument. After an executive session the meeting adjourned. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will take place Tuesday September 27 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. red montgomery says

    THANK YOU Crook and Allen and the rest of YOU for approving funds help for the 9/11 monument!!!! WE SHOULD HONOR ALL HEROES OF THIS COMMUNITY and those of 9/11!! red

  2. Randy Bryan says

    we will be voting on the splost nov 8,,, I urge everyone to vote against it,,, the things they listed to use the money on is just like the employee handbook they have,,, it could mean anything to anyone,,, they will use the money how they see fit. If you are ok with letting them use your money,,, let them raise the taxes,,, at least they will have to account for it by voting on what to spend it on,,, if you vote yes to Splost you are giving the unknown keepers of the money a blank check,,,, they use fear to make you vote yes,,,, make the unknown keepers of the money known,,, vote no to splost. if they raise taxes they know we will be watching ,,, and that is what they fear,,,, vote no

  3. Randy Bryan says

    what was the 40 + thousand dollars spent on,,and who got the money

  4. John Roberts says

    First let me say that I do know where most of the SPLOST money went, we in Heard County have some of the best Emergency equipment and stations and admin training center around, that gives your Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics the tools to work with to better serve you in your time of need. On another note, SPLOST money can not be used for wages, saleries and such so no worries there. I DO AGREE that every dime spent in HEARD County should be posted for the public to see and understand. that way some people would not feel the way you do Randy. You deserve to know where the money goes.

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