March 7, 2021

Heard County BOC Agenda (04/28/20)

(Franklin, GA) — The Heard County Board of Commissioners will hold their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM in the Commission Chamber of The Heard County Administration Building located at 201 Park Avenue, Franklin, Georgia.

In keeping with the current CDC recommendations, the Heard County Board of Commissioners recommends that residents who wish to access the monthly meeting use the following procedure: The Board of Commissioners will be live streaming their April 28th meeting to the public via YouTube.

Instructions on how to access this upcoming live stream are posted on the main website,

The Board meeting will be viewable in its entirety on Tuesday, April 28 at 6:30 PM and will also host a question and answer (Q&A) session towards the end of the meeting.

A YouTube account is not required to view the stream.

However, if a member of the public wishes to pose a question to the Board, a YouTube account will be required to post the question to the chat.

Instructions on how to create a YouTube Account and how to post to chat are posted on the main website,

April 28, 2020 – 6:30 P.M.

boardmeeting2I.  CALL TO ORDER


III.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 25, 2020 Worksession/Regular Meeting, March 16, 2020 Called Meeting 



a.  Adopt Contagious Disease Policy

b.  Discuss Firetruck Purchase

c.  Approve Bids for Road Paving Projects for 2020






  1. James Perry says

    So tonight’s meeting was to say “interesting.” If the counter for You Tube is correct the most people who watched at any time was 23. I noticed the counter would go up and then down quickly at times. Did this mean their internet connection was too weak to maintain the connection? Was the reason the numbers were so low due to internet or a lack of interest? I hope more than 23 people in this county care about what is going on. One thing that I know people didn’t like was the limited amount of information as to the expenditures voted and approved by the board tonight. Having experience with budgets, proposals and bidding procedures, I understand work sessions are held and things like this are discussed in depth during those meetings. I really believe our citizens would appreciate and understand more if the board meetings were more open with these presentations and allow more input from the public. I may not have made my friends who are current commissioners happy with that suggestion but I stand by it and know from talking to many citizens they want to know a little more of the details in how our county operates.

    • Hi James. I’m not sure why the counter for views went up and down unless it was a “Live Stream” and you’re right about the number of views being low. I didn’t know anything about it…. someone needs to get the word out on the YouTube channel for Heard County and possibly more people would Subscribe and automatically get notifications on the timeline of the meetings and ability to view them Live within a minute with any Smartphone. Comments should be turned on and viewers could have any reasonable questions or concerns addressed…. I don’t that’s ever going to happen;(

  2. Robbie Hilton says

    Very interested, didn’t know about it in time to watch.

  3. Carka Brown says

    I honestly forgot about the meeting but I did go to you tube and watched the recording of the meeting. I think they did a really good job!!!

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