June 18, 2018

Heard County BOC Meeting Notes (04/25/17)

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Heard County Commissioners met on April 25, 2017 at the courthouse in Franklin. Chairman Lee Boone called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone attending. Chairman Boone also gave the invocation and lead the pledge to the flag.

The first item on the agenda was a public hearing for the request to amend zoning for the property at 3180 Star Point Road, Franklin, Georgia.

Mr. Jeff Langley requested the 15 acre property be zoned from rural development to agricultural for the purpose of building a barn to house his equipment. The board approved the request to amend zoning of the property.

Minutes were approved as written from the March 28th Commissioners Meeting.

Under New Business the board reappointed Chad Woods to the board of the Development Authority of Heard County.

The commissioners appointed Kathy Knowles as Heard County Representative to the West Georgia Broadband Joint Development Authority Board.

The board appointed Terry Harper to replace Chad Woods on the board of Greater West Georgia Regional Development Authority.

Commissioners accepted a bid on a surplus engine from Dean Shelnutt for $2500.

The commissioners discussed relocation of departments in the courthouse. The new administration building is scheduled to be complete by mid-July. If all goes according to plan, the courthouse will begin renovation in July 2017 and all departments will be housed in other buildings for possibly a year or longer.

The commissioners discussed three different locations to possibly move departments. One of the locations proposed would be to lease the top floor of the Bank of Ozarks. The lease would include all utilities and water for $1000 per month. The board authorized the chairman to execute subject to legal review and notification for the one year lease on renting the top floor.

The other two building discussed were the Health Department buildings’ right wing and city hall. The plans are not firm as to where each court service will be relocated.

The commissioners had a workshop prior to the meeting with the Insurance Brokers to discuss their options in Healthcare. During the meeting the board approved option one Blue Cross Blue Shield with the healthcare savings option for county employees.

Under public comments Bob Patel, business owner, requested the board to consider putting the question on the 2018 ballot “Do you want a package store in Heard County?”

The board requested that Tonnie Adams from the Registrar office be contacted to come to the next meeting to discuss the issue. The meeting was adjourned.


  1. Latisha D Brangan says:

    I am reposting comments I made on the fb page in the hopes of garnering attention to these egregious conditions.

    “Does anyone know if Snake Creek Park bathrooms are going to be clean for Mother’s Day weekend?”

    “Used to see truck/boat trailer tags from all kinds of far away counties. Not so much anymore though. Traffic has been steadily declining every since the county took over upkeep from USACE. Doesn’t it still hold the record for largest bass caught out of those waters? Lost tourism opportunity here. So sad. :(”

    The excuse I got a few years ago was that Parks and Rec was in charge but understaffed at the time. Is Parks and Rec still understaffed? Does the county not possess a water tank? What exactly is required under the lease for the upkeep of Snake Creek Park agreement with USACE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a generator and pressure washer, if anyone is willing to meet me there with a water tank, assuming we don’t get sued in the process! Thank You

  2. Tisha D Brangan says:
  3. Tisha D Brangan says:

    I have been informed that I am not their first complaint. That they have received several.

  4. Tisha D Brangan says:

    How about a broom? Does the county have a broom and a squirt bottle with cleaner in it? It is my understanding that USACE has already received numerous complaints on this matter. Supposedly, cleaning the restroom is part of the agreement, that has/and is currently still not being upheld.

  5. Tisha D. Brangan says:

    Twice, I have given away my maps of the lake to out-of-towners asking questions. Once, a canoer paddled in. He said he had been on the river for five days, since his girlfriend broke up with him. He hit Snake Creek ready to take out and called his friends on standby to come get him. Families with children USED TO fish there. Can’t even kayak there anymore. Point being, more people used to utilize this park than you may even be aware of.

  6. Tisha D Brangan says:

    Reasons to save Snake Creek Park:

    It is the only place in the county to fish from the shoreline without going to a campground or from a steep bank.
    It is the only boat ramp in the county that also has a pier/dock for loading passengers/kiddos
    It is the best access point in the county to boat up and enjoy the July 4 fireworks show, to avoid and lessen downtown traffic for those on that side of the river.
    It is pretty and serene for those wanting to get out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle.
    It attracts many out of county visitors for the great fishing and easy access.
    It makes for an excellent kayak/canoe trip from the bridge to park, again with easy access to/from the highway.

    Did I mention it is pretty and serene?!!!

    I thank all for their attention to this matter. God Bless SAVE THE PARK

  7. Tisha D Brangan says:

    Yes, and I did look for a link with that info. The contact page is blank. Sorry if I kept repeating myself. Just hate to see such a nice park and valuable community asset go to waste. Thank You!

  8. Tisha D Brangan says:

    We met the sweetest couple at Snake Creek Park today. Said they just discovered the place two weeks ago and its their favorite place to go and relax in the evening. (They have offered their help as well) I don’t blame them, it’s the only place in the county to catch the sunset over the river. They are clean cut, non-drinkers, non-smokers looking for a place to rent in Heard County. They both work for a company that will be stationed at JAC’s for a while yet still and having to drive to/from Carrollton. If anyone knows of a place, they are looking. Thanks

  9. Tisha D Brangan says:


    The toilet seats have been cleaned! You could at least sit down if you had to.

    Whew!!! Kudos to whoever got stuck with that job, very nice. Thank You!

    I’m told leaves exist for a reason, don’t know the one for the thick trash in there though.

    I have promised that sweet couple above, as they are our visitors, that the rest will be taken care of in short order, one way or another. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Rant over, I think

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