June 13, 2021

Heard County BOC Minutes (04/24/14)


APRIL 24, 2014 – 6:30 P.M.

The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on April 24, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County Courthouse.

In attendance at the meeting were Chairman Lee Boone, District 1 Commissioner Larry Hooks, District 2 Commissioner Jacob Cammon, District 3 Commissioner Gwen Caldwell, District 4 Commissioner Frank Crook, District 5 Commissioner Sandi Allen, and County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present. Chairman Boone gave the invocation.

Agenda Item # 3 – Presentation of Service Award – Mrs. Chris Acosta – Chairman Boone and the Board presented a service award plaque to Mrs. Chris Acosta for 25 years of service to Heard County and Heard County 911. The entire Board thanked Mrs. Acosta for her loyal and dedicated service to Heard County.

Agenda Item # 4 – Presentation of Lifelink National Donate Life Month Proclamation –

Chairman Boone presented a proclamation declaring the month of April 2014 as National Donate Life Month. Chairman Boone read the proclamation and on motion (Hooks) and second (Allen), the Board unanimously approved this proclamation.

Agenda Item # 5 – Approval of Minutes – On motion (Allen) and second (Caldwell), the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes from March 27, 2014 work session and March 27, 2014 regular commission meeting as presented.

Agenda Item # 6 – Amend Agenda – Commissioner Crook asked for an amendment to New Business to include Item c – Discuss Fire Hydrants. On motion (Crook) and second (Caldwell), the Board unanimously approved this request.

Agenda Item # 7 – New Business – a. Approve Update to Heard County Personnel Management System – Human Resources Director, Patty Jiles asked the Board to approve updates made to the Heard County Personnel Management System (personnel policy) that was approved by the Board on November 22, 2011. County Attorney, Jerry Ann Conner has reviewed these changes and approved them.

The following policy changes were made:

There were no changes in actual policies (except the Para 2.230 below); replaced the words County Clerk with Human Resources Director and replaced the word Chair with Chairman and put the leave policies in their proper place and retyped it to make it look better. The only other differences are as follows:

Para 2.230 – changed 32 to 29 hours to comply with health care reform rules

Para 6.109 – prohibited conduct section – re-worded to make it clearer

Para 6.109 – ADA Act – Took out sentence that was redundant

Para 6.109 – Complaint Procedure – added the words “in writing within 30 days”

Para 9.102 – Leave – renumbered this entire section and added the new policies regarding cap of 240 hours and the leave sharing policy

On motion (Crook) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously approved this request.

b. Discuss Arena Project – Chairman Boone stated that he has had several inquiries to rent the arena for various events. The most popular inquiry regarding the arena is the availability of stalls and/or RV hook-ups. He stated that he felt that this would be an asset to this facility and would provide Heard County with more options when the arena is rented for large events. He stated that he would like to pursue the possibility of upgrading the facility with these amenities. He stated this project would be considered a recreation SPLOST project. After further discussion, the Board agreed for Chairman Boone to pursue pricing for this project.

c. Discuss Fire Hydrants – Commissioner Crook stated that he has had several citizens concerned that there are fire hydrants in the County that are not operational. Chairman Boone stated that he would speak with Mr. Jimmy Knight, Executive Director of the Heard County Water Authority regarding this.

Agenda Item # 8 – Old Business – None.

Agenda Item # 9 – Public Comments – None.

Agenda Item # 10 – Executive Session – Chairman Boone asked the Board to enter into Executive Session to discuss possible litigation and personnel. On motion (Allen) and second (Cammon), the Board unanimously voted to enter into Executive Session. On motion (Allen) and second (Hooks), the Board unanimously voted to return to Open Session. Chairman Boone stated that in Executive Session the Board discussed possible litigation and personnel with no decisions made.

There being no further business, on motion (Caldwell) and (Cammon), the Board unanimously voted to adjourn.


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