December 5, 2020

Heard County does well at Rome 4-H event

(Rome, GA) — Thirty-Seven Heard County Cloverleaf 4-H’ers traveled to Rome to participate in District Project Achievement on February 4, 2017.

“It took a lot of work and practice for each young person to prepare for this event. I am so proud of each and every one of them,” said Head County 4-H director Dinah Rowe. “For most of them, it was their first time to do a presentation in front of a group and that is incredibly hard for an elementary student.”

Each fourth, fifth or sixth grade 4-H’er gave an illustrated talk or demonstration on a topic they chose. Most demonstrations last about four minutes, and the 4-H’er uses three to five posters. 4-H’ers chose from 59 projects for their demonstration.

Many people may think 4-H is just cows and cooking, but it’s so much more than that. Today’s projects include international, veterinary science, air science, computers, water conservation, photography, public speaking, plant and soils, performing arts, and safety — just to name a few.

Competition for Cloverleaf 4-H’ers ends at district competition, but it prepares them for more advanced competition as they get older.

In Heard County, competing at DPA earns the 4-H’er a free admittance to the spring lock-in and clover cash that can be applied to summer camp fees.

4-H District Project Participants

1st Place winners: Erika Krusemark (L) and Emma Forrester (R)

1st Place winners Erika Krusemark (L) and Emma Forrester (R)

4th grade HCES Krusemark, Erika SPORTS  (1st)

4th grade HCES Forrester, Emma ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE  (1st)

5th grade CES Crockett, Kallee MARINE & COASTAL ECOLOGY  (2nd )

5th grade CES Bridges, Nevaeh CAT CARE  (3rd)

5th grade CES Rose, Malloary ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE  (3rd)

4th grade HCES Bailey, Tyler WILDLIFE

4th grade HCES Barrett, LeeAnn FLOWERS

5th grade HCES Brazil, Season PALEONTOLOGY

5th grade CES Bruce, Hailey COMPANION ANIMAL

5th grade HCES Brumbeloe, Chloe DOG CARE

5th grade HCES Coggin, Abigail HISTORY

4th grade HCES Combs, Bryson SCIENCE of ENGINEERING

5th grade HCES Elkins, Katelynn SPORTS

5th grade EES English, Jade CRAFTS

5th grade HCES Flores, Liliana MARINE & COASTAL ECOLOGY

5th grade CES Gaddy, MyKayla COMPANION ANIMAL


4th grade HCES Haynes, Conner MARINE & COASTAL ECOLOGY

5th grade HCES Jones, Kent COMPANION ANIMAL

5th grade HCES Jones, Macey DOG CARE

5th grade HCES Levens, Catie DOG CARE

4th grade HCES Lucas, Madison GENERAL SCIENCE

4th grade HCES Pursley, Noah GENERAL SCIENCE

5th grade EES Rivers, Alyssa SAFETY

5th grade EES Rogers, Sydney WILDLIFE

5th grade EES Scarbrough, Ethan HORSE

5th grade HCES Shelnutt, Sarah PERFORMING  ARTS GENERAL

5th grade HCES Swint, Carmaya SPORTS

4th grade HCES Whitehurst, David ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE

5th grade HCES Wilkins, Cameron HISTORY

4th grade HCES Woodall, Tyler POULTRY

Volunteer and teen leaders helped 4-H’ers prepare for DPA and some attended with the youth.  Those attending were: Russ Moody, Bo Hazel, Cody Hand , Tracy Bunn, Kelly Atkins, Christy Forrester and Julia Hand.

Contact your county Extension office at 706-675-3513 for more information about 4-H programs in Heard County.

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