January 22, 2019

Heard County Graduate in Critical Condition

Taylor Elam

Taylor Elam

(Orlando, FL) — A 2005 graduate of Heard County High School is in critical condition in ICU at the Orlando Health hospital after a horrific weekend car accident.

28-year-old Taylor Elam was involved in a multiple vehicle crash at 12:04 a.m. Saturday morning as she was leaving work near he current residence in Apopca, FL just outside of Orlando.

Taylor is the daughter of another well-known former resident of Franklin, Robert Elam. Elam owned a photography business in downtown Franklin and was the creator of Franklin’s first community news website in the early 2000’s.

Elam has set up a facebook page entitled Taylor Elam’s Journey to a Miracle to update friends and family on his daughter’s condition and progress. He posted a message earlier this week thanking everyone in the community for their concern for Taylor.

“I want to thank every one for the concerns for my sweetheart Taylor. She is going to have a lot of challenges in the next few weeks. She had many serious injuries from her car accident,” said Elam.

“I look at her laying there and my eyes tear up every time. People ask me how she’s doing and my voice begins to quiver and sometimes I can’t speak due to my thought of what see is going through. She will always be my baby. I Love Her So Much. But I’m believing in a Miracle, may not happen today, but very soon. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.”

Several of Taylor’s coworkers have set up a donation page for those wishing to help with her mounting medical expenses. 


  1. Tiffiny Adams says:

    I pray for a fast recovery Taylor you’ll be in my prayers

  2. Joel Flournoy says:

    Prayers there for Taylor , she is a friend of a friend and we all need friends . God will look after and help her.

  3. Praying for your daughter & family

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