December 3, 2020

Heard County High School Awards Ceremony

(Written by: Gracie Rowe)

The Heard County High School annual awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 9. Students were present by invitation only. The minimum requirement for attendance was maintaining grades for the spring semester no less than 85.

The ceremony included a welcome from Heard County High School Principal Russell Sowell, a brief speech honoring the academic achievement of students by Vice Principal Chris Edwards, and the presentation of awards by Science Department Chair Ed Brown and science teacher Laura Barido.

Underclassmen were awarded with a certificate of honor roll, principal’s honor roll or “high” honor roll, and/or the top five awards, which honor students who are in the top five ranking of their class.

The top 5 from the class of 2012: (L-R) Rebecca Heard, Michael Huddleston, Haley Cook, Nikki Jackson, and Cheyenne Pruitt

Freshmen who received top five awards included Aleysha Kemp, Cassidy Cole, Blake Tatom, Luke Newman, and Autumn Coker. Sophomores that received this accolade were Shemeka Parks, Caitlin Hosey, Jasmine Jacobs, Madisen Barfield, and Kayleigh Coker.

Alyssa Bishop, Cynthia Kornhauser, Jessica Weed, Cody Bell, and Joey Hyatt were the junior recipients of the top five awards. The top five awards for the senior class were as follows: Haley Cook (Valedictorian), Nikki Jackson (Salutatorian), Rebecca Heard, Cheyenne Pruitt, and Michael Huddleston.

Honor graduates for the senior class included: Alicia Carroll, Kyle Carroll, Ben Cole, Haley Cook, MaKayla Couch, Chris Davila, La’Christian Franklin, Rebecca Heard, Michael Huddleston, Ryan Hutchins, Nikki Jackson, Adrienne Knack, Denquavi Laye, Katie Lego, Jordan Lindall, Jessica McQuain, Paige Meeks, Jessica Ojeda, Jessica Rosenburg, KC Slaughenhaupt, Brett Smith, Andrew Tatom, and Amber Zell.

Seniors that received the Presidential Academic Excellence Award were Haley Cook, Nikki Jackson, Rebecca Heard, Cheyenne Pruitt, Michael Huddleston, Chris Davila, Jessica McQuain, Drew Tatom, KC Slaughenhaupt, Katie Lego, MaKayla Couch, Jessica Rosenburg, Brett Smith, Denquavi Laye, Paige Meeks, Sierra Mills, Alicia Carroll, Kyle Carroll, Katie Harris, Breanna Davis, Victoria Campbell, Ben Cole, Dalton Reed, Jordan Lindall, Ryan Thornhill, Adrienne Knack, Jalissa Shackleford, La’Christian Franklin, Jessica Ojeda, Michael Coleman, Ryan Hutchins, Sean Callahan, and Amber Zell.

Juniors that received the University of Georgia Certificate of Merit awards were Cody Bell, Alyssa Bishop, Brent Callahan, Joey Hyatt, Cynthia Kornhauser, and Jessica Weed.

The top 5 from the class of 2013: (L-R) Alyssa Bishop, Jessica Weed, Cody Bell, Cynthia Kornhauser, and Joey Hyatt

Students that received a Principal’s Award by department were as follows: Jessica Ojeda for the Career Technical Department, Rebecca Heard for the Fine Arts Department, Nikki Jackson for the Mathematics Department, Jasmine Cook for the Physical Education Department, Haley Cook for both the English and Science Departments, and Jessica McQuain for the Social Studies Department.

Other awards included Haley Cook receiving the Daughters of the Revolution Citizenship Award, Alexis Whitlock receiving the Honors Spanish I Award, Shemeka Parks receiving the Honors Spanish II Award, Paul Noles receiving the Honors Spanish III Award, Alyssa Bishop receiving the Honors Spanish IV Award, Nikki Jackson receiving the National Spanish Honor Society Achievement Award, Madisen Barfield receiving the Spanish I Award, and Caitlin Hosey receiving the Spanish II Award.

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