July 28, 2021

Heard County prepares for emergencies with State-of-the-Art Notification System

Heard County is changing from Code Red to Global Connect for our emergency notifications. This will require everyone to register your phone numbers that you would like to be notified on with them.

You can register at www.heardfire.com and go to the Emergency Notification Page to register.

If you have problems registering you may contact Heard County Fire & Emergency Services at 706-675-6186 between 8 -5, Monday – Friday to register.

Registering will insure that you receive emergency notification messages during severe weather and other emergency events.

“The Global Connect system will allow emergency personnel to record a message and send that message to every telephone number listed in the directory within a matter of minutes. Whether residents need to be informed of a water main break, fast-moving fire, approaching storm, or other crisis, the Global Connect Emergency Notification System is the most efficient way to reach them with the news.”~Craig Bird, CEO and Founder of Global Connect.

The Global Connect Emergency Notification System uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to send a message to a database of telephone numbers and email addresses.  The system offers a number of features that render it particularly useful during a crisis:

Instant Callback – Residents who need additional information or require special assistance from the county can make a return call to a designated telephone number with the press of a single key on their telephone keypad.

Customized Mapping Capability – Municipalities can create a customized list of call recipients by selecting the area(s) affected by the emergency at hand.  Global Connect will instantly develop the list of telephone numbers for residents in that area.

Remote Access and Deployment – Emergency management officials can deploy a message from any location.  Only a telephone is required to record and send a broadcast.

Real-Time Reporting – Municipal officials can see immediately which residents have been reached by telephone, and which have received messages.  The system will continue to call residents who have not been reached as frequently and as many times as desired.

Self Registration – Empower your residents to self-register their cell phones by completing the web-based form on your website.

We thank you for your patience during this transition.

Scott W. Blue

Fire Chief / Director

Heard County Fire & Emergency Services

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