July 28, 2021

Heard County School System Teacher and Support Person of the Year

The Heard County School System held its annual Teacher of the Year/Support Person of the Year Recognition Reception on May 7th at Heard Elementary. This year’s theme was “Welcome to the Safari”.

Mrs. Susan Hyatt did an outstanding job in transforming the Heard Elementary Cafeteria into the wilds of Africa, complete with “wild animals”, trees, African artifacts, and even a bamboo hut. The food was delicious with a variety of offerings. Thanks go to Ms. Gail Bishop and her crew for all of their hard work with the food preparations.

School Level Teachers of the Year (TOTY) and Support Person of the Year (SPOTY) were Centralhatchee Elementary – TOTY-Christa Lohr, and SPOTY – Edith Dunson. Ephesus Elementary – TOTY- Melissa Nichol, and SPOTY – Gail Cook. Heard Elementary – TOTY-Jessica Finch, and SPOTY- Rhonda Buchanan.

Heard Middle School – TOTY- Corrine Denney, and SPOTY – June Barber. Heard High School – TOTY- Amanda Pike, and SPOTY-Lori Cabe.

System Level Runners Up were Corrine Denney and Rhonda Buchanan. System Level Support person of the year was Edith Dunson and Teacher of the Year was Melissa Nichol.

Ms. Nichol will go on to represent Heard County at the the State Level Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to all of these winners who do so much for the children of Heard County![gpslideshow]

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